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Players 1
Year 1994
Cart size 16 Mbit
File size 1.31 MB
Serial #

Overall7.74  (78 votes)  

Nosferatu (USA).sfc
CRC de762764More...
Verified 2021-04-12

1.31 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
C9BA-1F04Almost infinite energy
DFB2-34D7Start with very little energy
D7B2-34D7Start with less energy
DBB2-34D7Start with more energy
DEB2-34D7Start with a lot more energy
CBCE-CDAD + 44CE-CFDD + DDCE-CF0DStart with more time
C127-4D67Infinite time
D1B3-3DA7Start on stage 1-2
DBB3-3DA7Start on stage 1-3
DCB3-3DA7Start on stage 2
FDB3-3DA7Start on stage 2-2
FFB3-3DA7Start on stage 2-3
F5B3-3DA7Start on stage 2-4
F6B3-3DA7Start on stage 3
4DB3-3DA7Start on stage 3-2
40B3-3DA7Start on stage 3-3
45B3-3DA7Start on stage 4
42B3-3DA7Start on stage 4-2
43B3-3DA7Start on stage 4-3
70B3-3DA7Start on stage 4-4
79B3-3DA7Start on stage 5
78B3-3DA7Start on stage 5-2
7AB3-3DA7Start on stage 5-3
09B3-3DA7Start on stage 5-4
01B3-3DA7Start on stage 6
03B3-3DA7Start on stage 6-2
90B3-3DA7Start on the final stage
91B3-3DA7Watch the ending
90B3-3DA7 + 62B3-3FA7Start on the final stage with more crystals
C265-3DBDDon't lose crystals when you get hit