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Pocky & Rocky

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1993
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 691 KB
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Overall8.57  (42 votes)  

Pocky & Rocky (USA).sfc
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Verified 2020-07-15

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Official Game Genie Codes
CB2D-DFDFStop timer
DDA7-AD65Infinite lives--Pocky
DD35-0761Infinite lives--Rocky
DF62-A7D41 life--Pocky
D162-A7D46 lives--Pocky
DB62-A7D49 lives--Pocky
DF62-A7041 life--Rocky
D162-A7046 lives--Rocky
DB62-A7049 lives--Rocky
C933-A794Infinite energy--Pocky
C93E-A797Infinite energy--Rocky
4032-A4F4Weapons don't deplete when hit--Pocky
4033-AFF7Weapons don't deplete when hit--Pocky
D43F-6FF4Blue ball acts as red ball--Pocky
DF3D-6424Red ball acts as blue ball--Pocky
D43B-6F27Blue ball acts as red ball--Rocky
DF36-67B7Red ball acts as blue ball--Rocky
For the last two codes, you must have at least one life remaining for theother player to steal
DBAA-AD609 lives stolen from Rocky
DB3A-DD699 lives stolen from Pocky