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Super Nintendo
Saturday Night Slam Masters

Players 4 Simultaneous
Year 1994
Cart size 24 Mbit
File size 2.03 MB
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Overall8.76  (55 votes)  

Saturday Night Slam Masters (USA).sfc
CRC 54161830More...
Verified 2021-04-12

2.03 MB

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Official Game Genie Codes
DDC1-CF6FStingray becomes Biff
DFC1-CF6FStingray becomes Gunloc
D4C1-CF6FStingray becomes Oni
D7C1-CF6FStingray becomes Titan
D9C1-CF6FStingray becomes Haggar
D1C1-CF6FStingray becomes Grater
D5C1-CF6FStingray becomes Rasta
D6C1-CF6FStingray becomes Jumbo
DBC1-CF6FStingray becomes Scorpion
DFC1-CD6FBiff becomes Gunloc
D4C1-CD6FBiff becomes Oni
D7C1-CD6FBiff becomes Titan
D0C1-CD6FBiff becomes Stingray
D9C1-CD6FBiff becomes Haggar
D1C1-CD6FBiff becomes Grater
D5C1-CD6FBiff becomes Rasta
D6C1-CD6FBiff becomes Jumbo
DBC1-CD6FBiff becomes Scorpion
D3DB-5D0114-second count outside ring
DCDB-5D0110-second count outside ring
DBD6-5DD19-second count for pin
D1D6-5DD16-second count for pin
DFD6-5DD11-second count for pin
F31F-8F0DFaster timer
1D1F-8F0DSlower timer
D12D-5765 + EB2F-5F05Stingray has faster jalepeno comet
0C83-17D7 + D78E-1F67Quicker 'pattycake slap' for Grater
0C83-1FA7 + D78E-1D07Quicker 'sonic fist' for Gunloc
0C83-1F67 + D78E-1D07Quicker 'sonic fist' for Biff
0C83-1707 + D48E-1FA7Quicker 'jungle fever' for Rasta