Super Nintendo
Secret of Mana

Players 3 Simultaneous
Year 1993
Cart size 16 Mbit
PublisherSquare Soft
Serial #SNS-K2-USA

Overall8.81 (52 votes) 

Secret of Mana (USA).sfc
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1.25 MB
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Official Game Genie Codes
EE28-EDAFStart new game with 255 GP
6D28-EFDFStart new game with 32,768 GP
EE28-EFDFStart new game with 65,280 GP
6F09-8707Start new game at Level 16
EE6B-8738Chest in elder's basement in Potos gives you 65360 GP
C274-8764 + C277-8DA4Staying at the inn in Potos is free if you have enough money
CE5F-5767Items in the shop at Potos are free if you have enough money
DDEB-E544Candy costs nothing
DDE3-E044Overalls costs nothing
DDE8-E9C4Bandanna costs nothing
DDEC-E9C4Cup of wishes costs nothing
DDEC-E944Medical herb costs nothing
DDE7-7047Wristband costs nothing
DDE8-E144Hair ribbon costs nothing
DDE8-E1C4Rabite cap costs nothing
DDEC-E0C4 + DDEC-E034Faerie walnut costs nothing
DDEC-E044Royal jam costs nothing
DDEB-E5C4Chocolate costs nothing
DDAB-E715Staying at Neko's(tm) costs nothing instead of 30
8208-776DProtection from most hits--Switch off to kill enemies
For the rest of the codes you can't save the higher level attributes
9C06-81ADStrength for level 16 is 90
9C06-85DDAgility for level 16 is 90
9C06-850DConstitution for level 16 is 90
9C06-856DIntelligence for level 16 is 90
9C06-85ADWisdom for level 16 is 90