Super Nintendo

Players 2
Year 1991
Cart size 4 Mbit
Serial #SNS-MW-USA

Overall9.25 (136 votes) 

Verified 2024-07-09

Disc #
Download, box art, and screen shots unavailable at the request of Nintendo of America

Official Game Genie Codes
DDB4-6F07Start with 1 life instead of 5
D6B4-6F07Start with 9 lives
D3B4-6F07Start with 15 lives
F6B4-6F07Start with 25 lives
7FB4-6F07Start with 50 lives
14B4-6F07Start with 99 lives
C222-D4DDInfinite lives
D964-A7D7 + D967-AFA7Extra life at 5 coins instead of 100
DC64-A7D7 + DC67-AFA7Extra life at 10 coins
F064-A7D7 + F067-AFA7Extra life at 20 coins
7464-A7D7 + 7467-AFA7Extra life at 50 coins
DD32-6DADStart and stay invincible most of the time
CBED-6DDFStay as Super Mario, Fire Mario, or Cape Mario when you get hit--extra items may still fall out of box at top of screen
CB28-DF6DStay as Super Mario, Fire Mario or Cape Mario when you fall and die
D02C-AF6FLow jump
D42C-AF6FSuper jump
C264-64D7Infinite time--Some puzzles use the timer and you might need to switch off effects to continue
D2E5-A7ADExtra life with every dragon coin instead of 5
31B7-6F07Start as Super Mario
CBB7-6D67+D4B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7+ 69B7-6F07 Start as Cape Mario
CBB7-6D67+D7B7-6DA7+3CB7-6FD7+ 69B7-6F07 Start as Fire Mario
DFCE-64A0Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating just 1 enemy instead of 5
D4CE-64A0Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating just 2 enemies
D7CE-64A0Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating just 3 enemies
D0CE-64A0Little Yoshi grows into big Yoshi after eating just 4 enemies