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Super Punch-Out!!

Players 1
Year 1994
Cart size 16 Mbit
File size 1.43 MB
Serial #SNS-4Q-USA

Overall9.15  (100 votes)  

Super Punch-Out!! (USA).sfc
CRC E2F92F84
Verified 2019-06-23

1.43 MB
1.43 MB

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Official Game Genie Codes
C2A4-DFD4Infinite energy from most punches
D9AD-DDA4Both fighters gain max energy after making a hit
C2AB-DFDFSome special attacks don't hurt as much
C9E3-64DDInfinite match time
DDB7-0704No rematches
D1B7-0704Start with 5 rematches
DBB7-0704Start with 8 rematches
C2B8-64A5Infinite rematches
DFAB-AFDDMost opponents stay down for the count
49BC-6F6FBoth players start with half energy
DFBC-6F6FBoth players start with very little energy
CB34-AD07 + F834-AD67 + 3C34-ADA7Always have K.O. punch after first hit
DB8A-D4A1 + D48A-D7D1 + 3C8A-D701Start on world circuit