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Super Nintendo
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 12 Mbit
File size 1.23 MB
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Overall9.04  (27 votes)  

Super Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
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Verified 2021-04-12

1.23 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
6DE9-47AFInfinite thermal detonators
6D23-47F9Start with all force abilities
C229-14F9Elevation & Freeze don't drain force bar
DDCC-1DDASaber control doesn't drain force bar
C22F-C7F9Mind control, Slow, Deflect, and Invisible don't drain force bar
C238-C70FInfinite lives
DF21-C465Continue with 2 lives on Easy
D921-C465Continue with 6 lives on Easy
F021-C465Continue with 21 lives on Easy
7421-C465Continue with 51 lives on Easy
DF21-C7D5Start with 2 lives on Brave
D921-C7D5Start with 6 lives on Brave
F021-C7D5Start with 21 lives on Brave
1721-C7D5Start with 100 lives on Brave
DF21-C765Continue with 2 lives on Jedi(tm)
D921-C765Continue with 6 lives on Jedi
F021-C765Continue with 21 lives on Jedi
1721-C765Continue with 100 lives on Jedi
F425-CDD5Start with 1/2 as much health on Easy
F625-CDD5Start with 3/4 as much health on Easy
4C25-CDD5Start with more health on Easy
7D25-CDD5Start with much more health on Easy
0025-CDD5Start with maximum health on Easy
FD25-CD65Start with 1/2 as much health on Brave
F625-CD65Start with 3/4 as much health on Brave
4C25-CD65Start with more health on Brave
7D25-CD65Start with much more health on Brave
0025-CD65Start with maximum health on Brave
D325-CFD5Start with half as much health on Jedi
F925-CFD5Start with 3/4 as much health on Jedi
483F-376FAlmost invincible--except spikes (works for enemy too)
DD2C-CDA5Start with no continues
DF2C-CDA5Start with 1 continue
D92C-CDA5Start with 5 continues
DB2C-CDA5Start with 9 continues
C229-4DD1Infinite continues
4D20-CF2FTauntaun(tm) starts with 1/2x usual health
7D20-CF2FTauntaun starts with 3/4x usual health
0020-CF2FTauntaun starts with a little more health than usual
622C-47D0Start with Flame gun--1st life only
C238-CD6FKeep gun power-ups after dying
DD81-3DD4Shield power-ups don't last as long
D481-3DD4Shield power-ups last longer
D781-3DD4Shield power-ups last much longer
DE81-3DD4Shield power-ups last a very long time
D484-37A4Health sword power-ups add 1/2 as much
D684-37A4Health sword power-ups add 2x as much
FD84-37A4Health sword power-ups add 4x as much
F68B-3764Force orbs add 1/2 as much
1D8B-3764Force orbs add 2x as much
EE8B-3764Force orbs fill force bar
DF2B-C465Small hearts heal less on Easy
D12B-C465Small hearts heal 2x as much on Easy
DA2B-C465Small hearts heal 4x as much on Easy
4D2B-C465Small hearts heal very much on Easy
002B-C465Small hearts heal completely on Easy
DF2B-C7D5Small hearts heal less on Brave level
D02B-C7D5Small hearts heal 2x as much on Brave
D62B-C7D5Small hearts heal 4x as much on Brave
4D2B-C7D5Small hearts heal very much on Brave
002B-C7D5Small hearts heal completely on Brave
DF2B-C765Small hearts heal less on Jedi level
D02B-C765Small hearts heal 2x as much on Jedi
D62B-C765Small hearts heal 4x as much on Jedi
4D2B-C765Small hearts heal very much on Jedi
002B-C765Small hearts heal completely on Jedi
3C8D-3D04Big hearts heal 1/2 your health instead of 1/4
DC8D-3D04Big hearts heal completely
D469-1707Start on level 1-2
D169-1707Start on level 1-3
D769-1707Start on level 1-4
D969-1707Start on level 1-5
D069-1707Start on level 1-6
DB69-1707Start on level 1-7
F969-1707Start on level 1-8
D569-1707Start on level 1-10
D369-17D7 + DC69-1707Start on Hoth 3D level
D669-1707Start on level 1-11
F469-17D7 + DD69-1707Start on Asteroids level
DA69-1707Start on level 3-1
D269-1707Start on level 3-2
D369-1707Start on level 3-3
D369-17D7 + FC69-1707Start on Cloud City 3D level
DE69-1707Start on level 4-2
F769-1707Start on level 4-3
F469-1707Start on level 4-4
FD69-1707Start on level 4-5
F569-1707Start on level 4-6
F669-1707Start on level 4-7
F169-1707Start on Darth Vader level