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Super Nintendo
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Players 1
Year 1994
Cart size 16 Mbit
File size 1.63 MB
PublisherTHQ Software

Overall8.71  (7 votes)  

Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (USA) (Rev 1).sfc
CRC 4A5F30D8
Verified 2019-09-22

1.63 MB
1.63 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
DD82-C7B1Start with 1 life
D082-C7B1Start with 5 lives
DB82-C7B1Start with 10 lives
F682-C7B1Start with 25 lives
C230-CF0FInfinite lives
1BBD-C703 + EEBD-C763 + EEBD-C7A3Finish the 1st level almost instantly
CB8E-3D21 + DF8E-3FF1 + DD8E-3F91Start with very little energy
CB8E-3D21 + DE8E-3FF1 + DD8E-3F91Start with about 1/4 energy
CB8E-3D21 + FD8E-3FF1 + DD8E-3F91Start with about 1/2 energy
CB8E-3D21 + FE8E-3FF1 + DD8E-3F91Start with about 3/4 energy
C234-34AAInfinite Force power when you use the Force Saber
CB6E-4704Always have shield
C222-3769Once you have thermal detonator you keep it--switch off to use force power
C281-3DB9Infinite Force power when you use the Freeze Force