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Super Nintendo
Super Turrican 2

Players 1
Year 1995
Cart size 16 Mbit
File size 1.64 MB
Serial #

Overall6.8  (10 votes)  

Super Turrican 2 (USA).sfc
CRC d2ffabacMore...
Verified 2021-04-12

1.64 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
DDC3-1D05Start with 0 bombs
DFC3-1D05Start with 1 bomb
D9C3-1D05Start with 5 bombs
DCC3-1D05Start with 10 bombs
DDC3-1FA5Start with 1 life
D0C3-1FA5Start with 5 lives
DBC3-1FA5Start with 10 lives
D3C3-1FA5Start with 15 lives
DFC3-1705Start your first life with very little energy
D7C3-1705Start your first life with 1/4 energy
D5C3-1705Start your first life with 1/2 energy
DCC3-1705Start your first life with 3/4 energy
DFC3-34A7Start all lives after your first with very little energy
D7C3-34A7Start all lives after your first with 1/4 energy
D5C3-34A7Start all lives after your first with 1/2 energy
DCC3-34A7Start all lives after your first with 3/4 energy
C2C6-1FD7Almost infinite energy
C266-44A5Infinite smart bombs
C2C5-37A7Almost infinite lives unless you fall off screen
C2CD-3FA6Can't pick up anymore smart bombs
D0A7-37D7Weapon powerups give you full power
D4A0-34A7Start with flame thrower
82C1-4FAFInfinite energy wheel energy
D7BC-3F6FStart with very little energy wheel energy
D8BC-3F6FStart with 1/4 energy wheel energy
F9BC-3F6FStart with 1/2 energy wheel energy
44BC-3F6FStart with 3/4 energy wheel energy
C2C5-CF66Hearts are worth nothing
C28C-C400Infinite time