Super Nintendo
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!

Players 1
Year 1993
Cart size 8 Mbit
Serial #SNS-TA-USA

Overall8.73 (22 votes) 

Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose! (USA).sfc
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Disc #
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Official Game Genie Codes
DF6F-14DFStart with 1 life
D96F-14DFStart with 5 lives
FD6F-14DFStart with 10 lives
496F-14DFStart with 25 lives
9D6F-14DFStart with 50 lives
BB6F-14DFStart with 99 lives
DFC0-CFAFContinue with 1 life
D9C0-CFAFContinue with 5 lives
FDC0-CFAFContinue with 10 lives
49C0-CFAFContinue with 25 lives
9DC0-CFAFContinue with 50 lives
BBC0-CFAFContinue with 99 lives
DD34-37D7Infinite lives--except football level
DDC0-3F07Infinite lives--football level
DD6D-47D0Start with no continues on normal level--handicap
D56D-47D0Start with 7 continues on normal level
DB6D-47D0Start with 9 continues on normal level
DD6D-4700Start with no continues on challenge level
D96D-4700Start with 5 continues on challenge level
D56D-4700Start with 7 continues on challenge level
DB6D-4700Start with 9 continues on challenge level
DFCD-4FAFStart with 1 heart on Children or Normal difficulty levels--Don't pick challenge level
D0CD-4FAFStart with 4 hearts on Children or Normal difficulty levels, 2 on Challenge
D9CD-4FAFStart with 5 hearts on Children or Normal difficulty levels, 3 on Challenge
3CE9-448AInfinite health (when hit, a fake empty heart appears)
D184-C4A15 heart maximum on challenge level
C927-47ADDash meter doesn't go down
D46B-CFAF1-up gives 2 free guys--not on mystery weight challenge level, or if you get 1-up by collecting stars
D43E-C48ESmall star worth 2 stars
D93E-C48ESmall star worth 5 stars
FD3E-C48ESmall star worth 10 stars
DF64-14AAGold Gogo Dodo Trophy(tm) lasts 1/2 as long
D064-14AAGold Gogo Dodo Trophy lasts 2x as long
C9CE-1F0FChoose bonus level after completing a level
7036-C001Passwords work on any difficulty level (not just Children level)