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Super Nintendo
World Heroes

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1993
Cart size 16 Mbit
File size 1.32 MB
Serial #

Overall7.5  (6 votes)  

World Heroes (USA).sfc
CRC 1228ad30More...
Verified 2021-05-10

1.32 MB

Official Game Genie Codes
D509-8F04Player 2 wins a draw
D409-8F04Player 1 wins a draw
4008-8FAFInfinite energy--player 1
CD07-84AFSlow timer down by half
5349-87D4Player 1 starts with more energy
7D49-87D4Player 1 starts with 1/2 energy
DF49-87D4Player 1 starts with very little energy
534A-8F64Player 2/CPU starts with more energy
7D4A-8F64Player 2/CPU starts with half energy
DF4A-8F64Player 2/CPU starts with very little energy
7B86-84A4Player 1 always wins
FB0C-7D64 + DD0B-77A43 hits to win round for either player
7F0C-7D64 + DD0B-77A42 hits to win round for either player
1F0C-7D64 + DD0B-77A41 hit to win (sudden death)--either player)