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Kingdom of Paradise

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Reviewer: Juan A Date: Jul 29, 2022
I have played this game on an official PSP when I was a kid. Even on multiple playthroughs I learned so many new things such as the ability of blocking when getting hit. Overall this game was a very interesting title that I owned as a kid.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are simple for the PSP they look good it ain't like Daxter for the PSP but definitely looks nice.

Sound: 9
The sound I would say is great the voice acting as well wasn't as cringe as I remembered and the audio in the game was really well done for some parts of the game. The game could have used more songs especially for bosses since they all use the same boss theme and it get's less intense fighting bosses with the same theme. For what the game had it's score was pretty well done I even listen to some of the songs on my own time.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is great although can be boring at times. The game really is just press the attack button maybe charge sometimes to do the chi arts. Personally the gameplay got more interesting when you find the hidden freestyle scrolls and get to make your own moves that's when I think gameplay kicks up since you get to play what you like to do. Overall it's just kind of a beat-em-up style game with not much thought definitely a chill game to play.

Overall: 8
My experience playing the game it was great. The story was pretty good nothing big and overarching but it was simple and really had some great moments. The story is Shinbu goes off to protect his clan the Siryu clan after it's destruction and people the last 2 people alone with Sui Lin to defend their clan. So in order to restore balance from the Kirin he has to stop the Kirin clan from getting the divine swords that each clan holds. It's a pretty fun story and definitely gets serious at it's moments even tries to do some backstabbing moments and try to make a complicated story. Overall I enjoyed my time it's simple and it definitely tries to be more than just a game.

To block in this game you have to hold the attack button and then once you block you can press a direction to do a dodge roll. I didn't know this until my latest playthrough. There are 4 freestyles scroll and using them as your attack of choice gives them "hidden experience" where it will unlock a 3rd slot and 4th slot and so on. There is hidden areas in the game I still have no idea how to unlock you can tell what I am talking about when you head to byakko and travel through the Geysers you will see a chest on a inaccessible top area I have never unlocked this. But apparently some NPC's unlock some areas so who knows maybe talking to NPC's matter. But overall not necessary. That's all I have about the game thank you for reading on this silly review.