M.A.C.H.: Modified Air Combat Heroes1.01-9.3
Madden NFL 061.0-8.8
Madden NFL 071.0-9.0
Madden NFL 081.0-8.5
Madden NFL 091.0-4.3
Madden NFL 101.0-9.0
Madden NFL 111.01-9.0
Madden NFL 121.0-9.1
Major League Baseball 2K101.01-8.0
Major League Baseball 2K111.0-8.0
Major League Baseball 2K121.0-9.3
Major League Baseball 2K61.01-7.3
Major League Baseball 2K71.01-7.0
Major League Baseball 2K81.02-8.0
Major League Baseball 2K91.02-8.0
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance1.01-8.5
Manhunt 21.03-9.0
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects1.0-9.2
Marvel Super Hero Squad1.0-8.7
Marvel Trading Card Game1.02-7.5
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance2.0-9.3
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 21.02-8.0
Me & My Katamari1.0-9.0
Medal of Honor: Heroes1.0-8.2
Medal of Honor: Heroes 21.0-7.1
MediEvil: Resurrection1.0-8.8
Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X  Read the manual1.01-9.4
Mega Man: Powered Up1.0-8.6
Mercury Meltdown1.01en es fr9.0
Metal Gear Ac!d1.0-8.5
Metal Gear Ac!d^21.0-8.8
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel1.01-8.0
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker2.0en es fr9.2
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops1.02-9.2
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus1.01-8.7
Metal Slug Anthology1.03-8.6
Metal Slug XX1.01-9.1
Miami Vice: The Game1.01-8.4
Michael Jackson: The Experience1.0de en es fr it pl ru6.4
Micro Machines V41.01-9.0
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition2.02-8.2
Midnight Club: L.A. Remix1.03-9.1
Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play1.02-8.0
Mimana: IYAR Chronicle1.01-7.0
Mind Quiz: Exercise Your Brain1.0-7.0
MLB 06: The Show1.01-8.3
MLB 07: The Show1.01-7.5
MLB 08: The Show1.0-8.0
MLB 09: The Show1.01-8.0
MLB 10: The Show1.0-5.3
MLB 11: The Show1.0-8.9
ModNation Racers1.0en es fr8.7
Monster Hunter Freedom1.0-8.9
Monster Hunter Freedom 21.01-8.9
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite1.01de en es fr it8.6
Monster Jam: Path of Destruction1.0-6.7
Monster Jam: Urban Assault1.0-8.5
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner1.0-6.7
Mortal Kombat: Unchained1.03-8.2
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge1.0de en es fr it nl pt ru9.2
MTV Pimp My Ride1.0-8.0
MTX Mototrax1.0-7.7
MVP Baseball1.02-8.0
MX vs. ATV Reflex1.02en fr8.2
MX vs. ATV Untamed1.0-6.0
MX vs. ATV: On the Edge1.01-8.8
My Spanish Coach1.01-8.0
Mytran Wars1.04en fr7.0

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