Land Before Time, The: Big Water Adventure1.0-8.5
Land Before Time, The: Great Valley Racing Adventure1.0-10.0
Land Before Time, The: Return to the Great Valley1.0-10.0
Langrisser IV  T-1.0-9.6
Largo Winch: Commando SAR1.0-2.0
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver  Read the manual1.0-8.1
Legend of Dragoon, The  Read the manual1.0-8.6
Legend of Legaia  Read the manual1.0-8.0
Legend of Mana1.0-7.9
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge1.0-8.1
LEGO Racers1.0da de en es fi fr it nl no sv8.7
LEGO Rock Raiders1.0-9.0
Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings1.0-9.5
Lethal Enforcers I & II1.0-8.0
Liquid Books Adventure 1: Lety's Favorite Stories1.0-none
Liquid Books Adventure 2: Amrita's Trees & Cerdito and the Coyote1.0-none
Liquid Books Adventure 3: Far-Fetched Frontier Tales1.0-none
Liquid Books Adventure 4: The Adventures of Adelita and Bo1.0-none
Liquid Books Adventure 5: Pop-Out Prose1.0-none
Liquid Books Adventure 6: The Wandering Path1.0-none
Loaded1.0en fr8.5
Lode Runner1.0-8.3
Looney Tunes Racing1.0en es fr8.6
Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider1.0en es fr pt9.6
Lost World, The: Jurassic Park1.0-7.0
Lost World, The: Jurassic Park - Special Edition1.0-7.5
Lucky Luke  Read the manual1.0-7.2
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete1.0-9.2
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete1.0-7.9

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