A-Train: Trains, Power, Money1.0de en fr ja19967.2
Ace Combat 21.0-19968.7
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere1.0-19997.9
Aces of the Air1.0-2002none
Action Bass1.0-19998.0
Action Man: Operation Extreme1.0-20006.5
Activision Classics1.0-19984.0
Adidas Power Soccer1.0-1996none
Adidas Power Soccer 981.0-1998none
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Iron & Blood - Warriors of Ravenloft1.0-19962.7
Adventures of Lomax, The1.0-19968.2
Agile Warrior: F-111X1.0-19978.0
Air Combat1.0-19957.8
Air Hockey1.0-20027.3
Akuji the Heartless1.0-19988.5
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku  T-1.0-20097.8
Alexi Lalas International Soccer  Read the manual1.0de en es fr it19998.0
Alien Resurrection1.0-20009.0
Alien Trilogy1.0-19968.3
All Star Racing1.0-20026.7
All Star Racing 21.0-20034.0
All-Star Baseball 97 featuring Frank Thomas1.0-19977.3
All-Star Slammin' D-Ball1.0-20028.6
Allied General1.0-19967.3
Alone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's Revenge1.0-19976.1
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare1.0-20019.4
Alundra  Read the manual1.1-19979.1
Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins1.0-20008.1
Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, The1.0en es20028.0
American Pool1.0-20025.5
Analog Controller Service Disc1.0-9.0
Analog Controller Service Disc (Revised)1.0-none
Andretti Racing1.0-19967.0
Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley  Read the manual1.0-19986.0
Animorphs: Shattered Reality1.0-20009.5
Ape Escape  Read the manual1.0-19996.6
Aquanaut's Holiday  Read the manual1.0-19965.0
Arc the Lad Collection: Arc Arena - Monster Tournament1.0-20019.0
Arc the Lad Collection: Arc the Lad1.0-20018.3
Arc the Lad Collection: Arc the Lad II1.0-20019.3
Arc the Lad Collection: Arc the Lad III1.0-20019.0
Arc the Lad Collection: The Making of Arc the Lad1.0-none
Arcade Party Pak1.0-19995.5
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 11.0-199610.0
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2  Read the manual1.0-199810.0
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Midway Collection 21.0-199710.0
Area 51  Read the manual1.1-19967.0
Armored Core1.0-9.3
Armored Core (Reprint)1.0-19978.8
Armored Core: Master of Arena1.0-20009.4
Armored Core: Project Phantasma1.0-19989.0
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.  Read the manual1.0-20006.0
Army Men 3D  Read the manual1.0-19997.9
Army Men: Air Attack  Read the manual1.0-19997.8
Army Men: Air Attack 21.0-20007.7
Army Men: Green Rogue1.0-20018.0
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes1.0-20007.9
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 21.0-20008.3
Army Men: World War  Read the manual1.0-20007.0
Army Men: World War - Final Front  Read the manual1.0-20014.5
Army Men: World War - Land, Sea, Air  Read the manual1.0-20008.5
Army Men: World War - Team Assault1.0-20014.5
Arthur! Ready to Race1.0-20006.7
Asciiware Training CD1.0-none
Assault Rigs1.0-19967.5
Assault: Retribution1.0-19986.3
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux1.0-20018.5
ATV Mania1.0-20038.0
ATV Racers1.0-2003none
ATV: Quad Power Racing1.0-20008.5
Austin Powers Pinball1.0-20027.4
Auto Destruct  Read the manual1.0-19987.0
Azure Dreams  Read the manual1.0-19989.3

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