Adventure Island: The Beginning1.02009Hudson Entertainment, Inc.7.4
Adventure on Lost Island: Hidden Object Game1.02010A-TEAM8.0
Aha! I Found It! Hidden Object Game1.02009Ateam Inc9.0
Aha! I Got It! Escape Game1.02009A-TEAM4.5
Airport Mania: First Flight1.02010Lemon Games SLnone
Alien Crush Returns1.02008Hudson Entertainment, Inc.8.7
Amazing Brain Train, The!1.02009NinjaBeenone
And Yet It Moves1.02010Broken Rules8.6
ANIMA: Ark of Sinners1.02011Anima Game Studionone
Ant Nation1.02009Konami7.5
Arcade Essentials1.02011Nordcurrent10.0
Arcade Sports1.02010Icon Games Entertainmentnone
Arkanoid Plus!1.02009Square Enixnone
Around the World1.02010Wizarboxnone
Art of Balance1.02010Shin'en Multimedia8.8
Art Style: CUBELLO1.02008Nintendo9.0
Art Style: light trax1.02010Nintendo10.0
Art Style: ORBIENT1.02008Nintendo9.1
Art Style: ROTOHEX1.02008Nintendonone
Art Style: ROTOZOA1.02010Nintendo10.0
Astro Bugz Revenge1.02010Sudden Gamesnone
Aya and the Cubes of Light1.02011Object Vision Softwarenone

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