Balloon Pop Festival1.02010UFO Interactive Gamesnone
Bang Attack1.02010Engine Software9.0
Battle Poker1.02009Left Field Productionsnone
Bejeweled 21.02010PopCap Game8.8
Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex1.02010Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc7.5
Big Bass Arcade1.02011Big John Gamesnone
Big Kahuna Party1.02008Reflexive Entertainment, Inc.none
Big Town Shoot Out1.02011Performance Designed Productsnone
Bingo Party Deluxe1.02011Ateam Inc.none
Bit Boy!!1.02009Bplusnone
Bit. Trip Beat2562009Aksys Games9.0
Bit. Trip Core1.02009Aksys Games9.0
Bit. Trip Fate1.02010Aksys Games9.0
Bit. Trip Flux1.02011Aksys Games9.0
Bit. Trip Runner1.02010Aksys Games8.7
Bit. Trip Void1.02009Aksys Games9.0
Bittos Plus1.02009MACHINE Studios LLCnone
Blaster Master: Overdrive1.02009Sunsoft10.0
Block Breaker Deluxe1.02008Gameloft7.0
Blood Beach1.02010Coresoft Inc.none
Bloons1.02010Hands-On Mobile10.0
Bobby Carrot Forever1.02011FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co KG10.0
Bomberman Blast1.02008Hudson Soft9.5
Bonsai Barber1.02009Nintendo7.5
Brain Challenge1.02008Gameloft9.0
Brain Drain1.02010Enjoy Gaming ltd.none
Bruiser and Scratch1.02008Steel Penny Games, Inc.none
Bubble Bobble Plus!1.02009Taito8.3
BurgerTime World Tour1.02012MonkeyPaw Games Inc.6.0
Burn the Rope1.02011Big Blue Bubblenone
Bust-a-Move Plus!1.02009Taito6.5

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