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Super Nintendo
Super Bases Loaded

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1991
Cart size 8 Mbit
File size 404 KB
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Overall6.75  (4 votes)  

Super Bases Loaded (USA).sfc
CRC 6b971f1eMore...
Verified 2021-04-10

404 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
DDA1-A46D + DFA0-A76D + DFE0-6F6DGame lasts 1 inning
D4A1-A46D + D7A0-A76D + D7E0-6F6DGame lasts 2 innings
D0A1-A46D + D9A0-A76D + D9E0-6F6DGame lasts 3 innings
D6A1-A46D + DBA0-A76D + DBE0-6F6DGame lasts 5 innings
DAA1-A46D + D2A0-A76D + D2E0-6F6DGame lasts 7 innings
DFAF-6F67 + DDA2-07D71 strike and batter is out
D4AF-6F67 + DFA2-07D72 strikes and batter is out
D0AF-6F67 + D7A2-07D74 strikes and batter is out
D9AF-6F67 + D0A2-07D75 strikes and batter is out
D5AF-6F67 + D1A2-07D77 strikes and batter is out
DBAF-6F67 + D6A2-07D79 strikes and batter is out
C2E8-DF0DBatter never strikes out
DFA5-6F07 + DDA7-6767Batter walks on 1 ball
D4A5-6F07 + DFA7-6767Batter walks on 2 balls
D7A5-6F07 + D4A7-6767Batter walks on 3 balls
D9A5-6F07 + D0A7-6767Batter walks on 5 balls
D1A5-6F07 + D9A7-6767Batter walks on 6 balls
DBA5-6F07 + D6A7-6767Batter walks on 9 balls
C2EA-D40DBatter never walks
DDE7-07AD1 out per inning
DFE7-07AD2 outs per inning
D7E7-07AD4 outs per inning
D0E7-07AD5 outs per inning
D1E7-07AD7 outs per inning
D6E7-07AD9 outs per inning