Alien 3

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Reviewer: MasterPat Date: Sep 11, 2005
I had seen the movie and wasnt very impressed with it, when I saw the special edition aboard the alien quadrilogy set I was blown right out of my couch! But what about the games? There were several versions, this one being for the Sega Genesis.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are quite good for a 16-bit game. Ripley looks almost exactly as she did in the movie, the backrounds are identical if not the same as they appear in the movie, even the aliens and the prisoners look nice.

Sound: 8
The music is pretty good and the sound effects are decent. Sometimes I would turn on the game just to listen to the cool intro theme or play the music off the sound test.

Gameplay: 9
This game is really addicting and fun. It plays almost like a video arcade game and gets realy challenging as you progress through the many levels. Given that the gameplay is basic shooting, blowing stuff up, and saving captured prisoners in the given time limit.

Overall: 9
Even if you didn't like the movie this is a great game to own if your an alien fan, or if your into old time nostalgia.

Nice graphics, sound, and gameplay is all that takes to make a game like this an enjoyable experience.