Fatal Labyrinth

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Reviewer: JorgonQ Date: Aug 6, 2005
This is a rather simple, yet fun adventure to game to play. The story is that a mysterious castle has risen out of the ground near your town. It is apparently evil as it casts a grim shadow over your town. You, the main character, decides to go in, against the protests of some of the town folk.

Graphics: 6
They get a six because many of the levels are repetitious. The level look only changes like every 10 levels or so. But, the weapon/armor/shield graphics look nice because they change depending on what weapon/armor/shield is being used. Also, the enemies look nice, but alas is difficulty is determined by the color used. All in all, above average.

Sound: 6
The sound is rather crisp, and sounds decent, although there isn't much beyond the music. The music never quite got on my nerves, but it might on others, but the sound of striking out with your weapon making a *thwack* sound is nice. Also, spells cast at you make a sound. So its above average and nothing more.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay is hindered by one fact: the formula used for deciding whether you hit the bad guy or the bad guy hits you is terrible. I've spent as long as 3-4 minutes just slashing away at a bad guy. By the time the bad guy was dead, I hadn't lost much life, but much patience. Beyond that though, the gameplay is very good. Magicians paralyze you, and it sucks, but if you use good tactics it rarely happens and when it does, the damage is minimal. All the movements are good and there are no real glitches. TONS of weapons, armor, shields, potions, scrolls, etc. Only problem is, that the potions and scrolls are initially unidentified, which means in a clutch you just gotta use one and hope for the best, however, once used, if you ever get another one, you know what it is.

Overall: 7
Overall its a good game. On a personal level, I rate it more like an 8 1/2-9, but to someone who hasn't played it much or for whatever reason, its still a good game. The game commands you. As for the beating the game, can't spoil it because even I haven't beat it. I got around level 23 once, and the power went out. Never had the wherewithal again to get that far. That is the downside, the game is huge and somewhat difficult, as sometimes you'll get a real easy level and other times one teeming with difficult monsters.

Any fan of adventure or RPG games should download this. Also, an average gamer looking for something unusual should try this as well.