Pat Riley Basketball

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Reviewer: Mayor West Date: May 11, 2005
This game takes me back. It was one of the first games I owned for my Genesis, and the one I played most often. Not to mention that at the time Pat Riley was still the coach for the Lakers, and was a god among coaches. For some reason though in this game you had to be New York to win. They had incredible man to man defense and could easily steal the ball and block shots.

Graphics: 6
A left to right linear game much like double dribble, with cut shots if you could slam at the right approach. That was neat. One down side, the ball was as big as a watermelon compared to the players heads.

Sound: 7
For 1990-91, the sound was really pretty good. It had good BGM, along with fans and sound effects. Some of which could be toyed with in the options menu like a lot of Genesis games.

Gameplay: 9
This game rules for gameplay. The tournament game was not too short and not too long. All teams had their strengths and weaknesses, and the coaching options made the game fun to play. The slam cut scenes were always cool, and once you figured out how to do them, your little brother was pissed when he tried to block them and they went through the net anyway.

Overall: 8
Play it once, play it for life! You don't need all the teams a play a complete season to make a game great, and this game proves it. Made up teams, made up players, it is just fun.

I am still playing PRB and think it's one of the better games put out on the Genisis. Try it, you'll like it.