Phantasy Star II

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Reviewer: Josh Date: Jan 28, 2008
This game is a must play for any veteran RPGer. It has a unique plot with very rich details about environmental problems like monsters coming from a bio-lab, and dome farms give this game a very retro 1980ish feel.

Graphics: 6
Not too flashy but for the year it came out they are not too shabby plus your people are not midgets with huge heads but look kind of realistic.

Sound: 9
I love the music in this game, the tunes are top notch and feel kind of techno sounding. The songs just feel right and don't get annoying very often.

Gameplay: 8
This game does have a ridiculous encounter rate but its kind of got an autobattle system thats pretty cool. Plus not many RPGs have space travel or are themed futuristic. Like in one part they put a warrant out for your arrest and you get held prisoner on a space satellite.

Overall: 9
This game has such an entrancing plotline that at some points it feels like a movie. This game is very fun and the characters are very interesting and different. This game has feeling and emotion.

I love this and all Phantasy Star games and its disappointing the way no one seems to know or remember this game because it is very detailed RPG with an element of difficulty because the dungeons are not straight forward and the battles take a bit of strategy its not like attack attack kill you have to plan your attack a little bit.