R-Racing Evolution1.020036.5
R-Type Final1.0120038.5
Radiata Stories1.020059.4
Raiden III1.0220077.7
Rally Fusion: Race of Champions1.0220027.8
Rampage: Total Destruction1.0120068.3
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing1.020106.0
Rapala Pro Fishing1.020046.0
Ratchet & Clank  Read the manual1.020027.7
Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando2.020037.8
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters1.020087.7
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal1.020047.8
Ratchet: Deadlocked1.020057.7
Raw Danger1.0320078.1
Rayman 2: Revolution1.0220019.5
Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc1.0120039.4
Rayman Arena1.0220028.4
Rayman: Raving Rabbids1.020067.2
RC Revenge Pro1.020019.0
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 21.0320008.2
Real Pool1.02000none
Real World Golf1.012006none
Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk1.0120067.0
Red Dead Revolver1.0320047.9
Red Faction2.020019.3
Red Faction II1.0120028.0
Red Ninja: End of Honor1.020055.0
Red Star, The1.020079.0
RedCard 20-031.0420028.7
Reel Fishing III1.0120038.5
Reign of Fire1.0120028.0
Reservoir Dogs1.020068.5
Resident Evil 41.0120057.8
Resident Evil: Code - Veronica X1.020018.2
Resident Evil: Dead Aim1.0120037.2
Resident Evil: Outbreak2.020048.3
Resident Evil: Outbreak - File 21.0520057.9
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection1.020039.0
Ribbit King1.020049.0
Ridge Racer V1.120008.3
Riding Star1.02008none
Ring of Red1.020018.9
Rise of the Kasai1.02005none
Risk: Global Domination1.022003none
River King: A Wonderful Journey1.022006none
RLH: Run Like Hell3.020027.0
Road Trip1.0220028.9
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown1.020037.0
Robot Alchemic Drive1.020028.4
Robotech: Battlecry1.0220027.3
Robotech: Invasion1.0220048.3
Rock Band1.020079.8
Rock Band 21.0120089.8
Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock1.012009none
Rock Band: Country Track Pack1.02009none
Rock Band: Metal Track Pack1.02009none
Rock Band: Track Pack Volume 11.020089.0
Rock Band: Track Pack Volume 21.02008none
Rocky Legends1.0120048.7
Rogue Galaxy1.0120078.9
Rogue Ops1.0120039.0
Rogue Trooper1.0120068.5
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX1.020049.0
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII1.120029.0
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII1.01200310.0
Romance of the Three Kingdoms X1.0120059.8
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI1.020078.4
Romancing SaGa1.020058.9
RPG Maker 31.0220054.8
RPG Maker II1.0220036.6
RS: Riding Spirits1.012002none
RTL Biathlon 20081.02008none
RTX: Red Rock1.0120039.0
Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy1.02200610.0
Rugby 061.02006none
Rugby 081.020079.2
Rugby 20041.012003none
Rugby 20051.02005none
Rule of Rose1.020068.9
Rumble Racing1.020018.8
Rumble Roses1.020048.5
Rune: Viking Warlord1.520017.0
Rygar: The Legendary Adventure1.220028.9

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