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Hunt for Red October, The

Players 1
Year 1990
Cart size 256 KB
File size 116 KB
PublisherHi Tech Expressions
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Hunt for Red October, The (USA) (Rev 1).nes
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Official Game Genie Codes
PEVLYAIAStart with 1 life
ZEVLYAIEStart with 10 lives
SXEZXZVGInfinite lives
SXEUPUVKInfinite time
ZANLVKPOStart with 10 horizontal torpedoes
ZLNLVKPPStart with 50 horizontal torpedoes
LTNLVKPPStart with 99 horizontal torpedoes
IANUUKYAStart with 5 vertical torpedoes
ZLNUUKYAStart with 50 vertical torpedoes
LTNUUKYAStart with 99 vertical torpedoes
IEELSKZAStart with 5 caterpillars
ZUELSKZAStart with 50 caterpillars
LVELSKZAStart with 99 caterpillars
IEEUXKZAStart with 5 ECM's
ZUEUXKZAStart with 50 ECM's
LVEUXKZAStart with 99 ECM's
SXUXYSVKInfinite horizontal torpedoes
SZUZPVVKInfinite vertical torpedoes
OZEUEKOK + AAEUVGPAGain maximum power horizontal torpedoes on pick-up
OZSLNKOK + AASUSGPAGain maximum power vertical torpedoes on pick-up