NES The Vault

TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Harlem Globetrotters21990GameTek2562.2
Hatris  Read the manual11991Bullet Proof Software1287.3
Heavy Barrel  Read the manual21990Data East2568.5
Heavy Shreddin'11989Parker Brothers2566.8
Hello Kitty World  T22009256none
Hello Kitty World  T219991285.8
Hello Kitty's Flower Shop  T12000645.3
Higemaru: Seven Islands Adventure  T120071289.0
High Speed41991Tradewest2568.9
Hirake! Ponkikki  T1200564none
Hogan's Alley  Read the manual11984Nintendo249.5
Hollywood Squares21988GameTek2567.8
Holy Diver  T120072566.0
Home Alone11991THQ2562.7
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York  Read the manual11992THQ2561.9
Hook  Read the manual21991Sony Imagesoft2565.0
Hoops  Read the manual21989Jaleco2565.5
Hotman  T11999645.0
Hudson Hawk11991Sony Imagesoft2566.8
Hunt for Red October, The11990Hi Tech Expressions2564.9
Hydlide  Read the manual11989FCI403.5