NES The Vault

TitlePlayersYearPublisherSerialCart Size
Harlem Globetrotters21990GameTekNES-QH-USA2562.2
Hatris  Read the manual11991Bullet Proof SoftwareNES-JZ-USA1287.5
Heavy Barrel  Read the manual21990Data EastNES-HV-USA2568.7
Heavy Shreddin'11989Parker BrothersNES-WX-USA2566.8
Hello Kitty World  T22009256none
Hello Kitty World  T219991285.8
Hello Kitty's Flower Shop  T12000645.3
Higemaru: Seven Islands Adventure  T120071289.0
High Speed41991TradewestNES-8H-USA2568.9
Hirake! Ponkikki  T1200564none
Hogan's Alley  Read the manual11984NintendoNES-HA-USA249.5
Hollywood Squares21988GameTekNES-HL-USA2567.8
Holy Diver  T120072566.0
Home Alone11991THQNES-6N-USA2562.7
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York  Read the manual11992THQNES-HM-USA2561.9
Hook  Read the manual21991Sony ImagesoftNES-7Q-USA2565.0
Hoops  Read the manual21989JalecoNES-2B-USA2565.5
Hotman  T11999645.0
Hudson Hawk11991Sony ImagesoftNES-Y4-USA2566.8
Hunt for Red October, The11990Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-7H-USA2564.9
Hydlide  Read the manual11989FCINES-HS-USA403.5