NES The Vault

TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
L'Empereur  Read the manual11991Koei3847.5
Laser Invasion11991Ultra Soft2566.9
Last Action Hero11993Sony Imagesoft2563.8
Last Ninja, The  Read the manual11990Jaleco2567.1
Last Starfighter, The21990Mindscape643.9
Lee Travino's Fighting Golf  Read the manual41988SNK2568.3
Legacy of the Wizard  Read the manual11989Broderbund1928.3
Legend of Kage, The21986Taito647.1
Legend of Zelda, The  Read the manual11986Nintendo1289.6
Legendary Wings21988Capcom1287.7
Legends of the Diamond21990Bandai3844.4
Lethal Weapon11992Ocean2564.8
Life Force  Read the manual21988Konami1289.3
Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade  U119925127.7
Little League Baseball: Championship Series  Read the manual21990SNK2568.2
Little Mermaid, The  Read the manual11991Capcom1286.1
Little Nemo: The Dream Master  Read the manual11990Capcom2569.5
Little Ninja Brothers21990Culture Brain2568.6
Little Samson11992Taito3849.5
Lode Runner21984Broderbund247.9
Lone Ranger, The11991Konami3848.1
Low G Man  Read the manual11990Taxan2568.0
Lunar Pool  Read the manual21987FCI246.9