NES The Vault

TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Mach Rider  Read the manual11985Nintendo409.5
Mad Max11990Mindscape2245.2
Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 1311990Vic Tokai2566.4
Magic Darts41991Romstar2566.8
Magic Johnson's Fast Break41990Tradewest2567.2
Magic of Scheherazade, The  Read the manual11990Culture Brain2567.7
Magical Doropie  T120022563.4
Magician  Read the manual11990Taxan2566.2
Major League Baseball  Read the manual21988LJN649.5
Maniac Mansion  Read the manual11990Jaleco2566.8
Marble Madness  Read the manual21989Milton Bradley1289.1
Mario Bros  Read the manual21986Nintendo409.5
Mario is Missing!11993Mindscape2569.6
Mario's Time Machine!11994Mindscape2568.2
Master Chu & the Drunkard Hu  U  Read the manual21989Color Dreams643.9
Maxi 15  U210244.6
Maze of Galious  T119981284.4
MC Kids21991Virgin Interactive2567.5
Mechanized Attack11990SNK2565.3
Mega Man  Read the manual11987Capcom1289.5
Mega Man 2  Read the manual11989Capcom2569.5
Mega Man 3  Read the manual11990Capcom3849.6
Mega Man 4  Read the manual11991Capcom5129.5
Mega Man 5  Read the manual11992Capcom5129.5
Mega Man 6  Read the manual11993Nintendo5129.2
Menace Beach  U119901283.8
Mendel Palace21990Hudson Soft2566.8
Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic Bubble  U  Read the manual21991American Video Entertainment1285.0
Metal Fighter  U11989Color Dreams645.7
Metal Gear  Read the manual11988Ultra Soft1288.7
Metal Mech11990Jaleco2564.3
Metal Storm11990Irem3848.4
Metroid  Read the manual11986Nintendo1289.6
Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix21990American Sammy2569.1
Mickey Mousecapade  Read the manual11988Capcom647.4
Mickey's Adventures in Numberland11993Hi Tech Expressions2568.3
Mickey's Safari in Letterland11992Hi Tech Expressions2567.8
Micro Machines  U21991Camerica2569.0
Mig-29: Soviet Fighter  U21992Camerica1286.3
Might and Magic11991American Sammy5128.2
Mighty Bomb Jack11987Tecmo486.3
Mighty Final Fight11993Capcom2567.7
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!  Read the manual11987Nintendo2569.5
Millipede21988Hal America246.3
Milon's Secret Castle  Read the manual11987Hudson Soft647.3
Mini Putt  T420002568.0
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The11990Mindscape Inc.3203.8
Mission Cobra  U21990Bunch Games644.8
Mission: Impossible  Read the manual11990Ultra Soft2566.5
Mitsume Ga Tooru  T119982569.3
Moai Kun  T12000647.4
Monopoly  Read the manual81991Parker Brothers2569.5
Monster in my Pocket21991Konami2567.7
Monster Party11989Bandai2567.3
Monster Truck Rally41990INTV646.4
Moon Crystal  T120025128.5
Moon Ranger  U11990Bunch Games1284.8
Motocross Champion  T120012566.3
Motor City Patrol  Read the manual11991Matchbox Toys2564.8
Ms. Pac-Man21993Namco409.5
Ms. Pac-Man  U21990Tengen408.4
MULE  Read the manual41990Mindscape1287.0
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival  Read the manual11990Hi Tech Expressions1286.3
Mutant Virus, The11990American Softworks2564.7
Mystery Quest11988Taxan647.0