The Vault

TitlePlayersYearPublisherSerialCart Size
Sanrio Carnival 2  T22000645.8
Sanrio Cup: Pon Pon Volley  T22000647.6
SD Splatter House  T120002567.9
Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise  U11991Color Dreams1284.6
Section Z11987CapcomNES-SZ-USA1287.3
Sesame Street 12311988Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-H3-USA642.9
Sesame Street ABC  Read the manual11989Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-H4-USA642.3
Sesame Street ABC / 12311991Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-5A-USA2563.0
Sesame Street Countdown11991Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-85-USA2562.8
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak  Read the manual11990Hi Tech ExpressionsNES-4H-USA3844.8
Shadow of the Ninja  Read the manual21990NatsumeNES-JL-USA2568.3
Shadowgate  Read the manual11989KemcoNES-3S-USA2568.7
Shatterhand  Read the manual11991JalecoNES-9H-USA2568.6
Shi Kin Jou  T120011286.3
Shingen the Ruler  Read the manual11990Hot-BNES-23-USA2567.9
Shinobi  U11989Tengen2565.0
Shockwave  U2American Game Cartridges646.5
Shooting Range41989BandaiNES-ZS-USA487.3
Short Order + Eggsplode!  Read the manual21989NintendoNES-OR-USA644.7
Shufflepuck Cafe  T119981285.3
Side Pocket  Read the manual21987Data EastNES-PK-USA1286.7
Silent Assault  U11990Color Dreams1284.8
Silent Service  Read the manual11989Ultra SoftNES-IV-USA1287.0
Silkworm  Read the manual21990American SammyNES-LK-USA2568.6
Silver Surfer  Read the manual21990Arcadia SystemsNES-VQ-USA3845.8
Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The Space Mutants  Read the manual11991AcclaimNES-Q5-USA2568.4
Simpsons, The: Bart vs. The World  Read the manual11991AcclaimNES-Y9-USA3848.5
Simpsons, The: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man11992AcclaimNES-RN-USA3848.1
Skate or Die  Read the manual11988Ultra SoftNES-DI-USA1289.4
Skate or Die 2  Read the manual11990EA SportsNES-E4-USA3849.3
Ski or Die  Read the manual11990Ultra SoftNES-DI-USA2569.3
Skull & Crossbones  U11990Tengen1926.3
Sky Kid21986SunSoftNES-SY-USA968.0
Sky Shark21988TaitoNES-2S-USA1928.5
Smash TV  Read the manual21991AcclaimNES-5V-USA2569.3
Snake Rattle 'n Roll  Read the manual21989NintendoNES-RJ-USA649.1
Snake's Revenge  Read the manual11990Ultra SoftNES-E2-USA2567.6
Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular  Read the manual21989KemcoNES-OP-USA2567.8
Snow Bros.21991CapcomNES-7L-USA2569.0
Soccer  Read the manual21985NintendoNES-SC-USA408.6
Softball Heaven  T220002568.1
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship  Read the manual11990TradewestNES-LJ-USA1608.4
Solbrain  T12567.2
Solitaire  U11992American Video Entertainment648.9
Solomon's Key  Read the manual11987TecmoNES-KE-USA648.1
Solstice  Read the manual11989Sony ImagesoftNES-LX-USA1287.4
Space Shuttle Project  Read the manual11991AbsoluteNES-6A-USA2565.5
Spelunker  Read the manual11985BroderbundNES-SU-USA405.7
Spelunker II  T120031285.0
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six  Read the manual11992LJNNES-RX-USA3845.4
Spiritual Warfare  U11992Wisdom Tree2566.9
Spot41990Virgin InteractiveNES-3P-USA1288.3
Spy Hunter11987SunSoftNES-HU-USA647.9
Spy Vs Spy  Read the manual21988KemcoNES-SP-USA407.9
Stadium Events21987BandaiNES-SD-USA648.6
Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston...11991Electro BrainNES-SS-USA2568.0
Star Force11987TecmoNES-FO-USA646.8
Star Soldier11988TaxanNES-SO-USA645.3
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary  Read the manual11991Ultra SoftNES-8Z-USA5127.1
Star Trek: The Next Generation11993AbsoluteNES-NX-USA1285.9
Star Voyager11986AcclaimNES-SV-USA645.3
Star Wars  Read the manual11991JVCNES-7V-USA2568.7
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back  Read the manual11991JVCNES-EK-USA5128.6
Starship Hector11987Hudson SoftNES-HH-USA1286.0
Startropics  Read the manual11990NintendoNES-OC-USA5129.4
Stealth ATF  Read the manual21989ActivisionNES-LH-USA2565.6
Sted: Starfield of Memorable Relics  T119992564.7
Street Cop11987BandaiNES-EC-USA2566.6
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight  Read the manual11990CapcomNES-YA-USA2568.6
Strider  Read the manual11989CapcomNES-HX-USA2567.5
Stunt Kids  U21992Camerica1286.4
Sugoro Quest  T120032565.7
Sumo Wrestling  T21998647.2
Sunday Funday: The Ride  U11995Wisdom Tree2565.9
Super C  Read the manual21990KonamiNES-UE-USA2569.4
Super Cars11990Electro BrainNES-6S-USA1287.8
Super Dodge Ball  Read the manual21989Sony ImagesoftNES-ND-USA2569.3
Super Glove Ball  Read the manual11990MattelNES-5L-USA1283.4
Super Jeopardy!41990GameTekNES-7J-USA2566.0
Super Mario Bros.  Read the manual21985NintendoNES-SM-USA408.8
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt  Read the manual21988NintendoNES-MH-USA809.3
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet  Read the manual21988NintendoNES-WH-USA1928.8
Super Mario Bros. 2  Read the manual11988NintendoNES-MW-USA2569.3
Super Mario Bros. 3  Read the manual21988NintendoNES-UM-USA3849.3
Super Pitfall  Read the manual21987ActivisionNES-PI-USA1288.8
Super Spike V'Ball41989NintendoNES-VJ-USA2569.3
Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup  Read the manual41990NintendoNES-QJ-USA2569.3
Super Sprint  U21989Tengen1286.7
Super Spy Hunter  Read the manual11991SunSoftNES-UY-USA2567.5
Super Team Games  Read the manual61988NintendoNES-UN-USA644.4
Swamp Thing11992THQNES-SW-USA2564.1
Sweet Home  T120002568.7
Sword Master11990ActivisionNES-8S-USA2568.7
Swords and Serpents  Read the manual11990AcclaimNES-WP-USA1287.3