Abadox: The Deadly Inner War1.0-6.6
Addams Family, The  Read the manual1.0-7.1
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt1.0-6.2
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragons of Flame  T-1.0tr5.6
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: DragonStrike1.0-5.6
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance1.0-4.5
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar1.0-3.9
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance1.0-7.0
Adventure Island  Read the manual1.0-8.9
Adventure Island 3  Read the manual1.0-8.9
Adventure Island 4  T-1.0tr8.9
Adventure Island II1.0-9.0
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom1.0-8.0
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The  Read the manual1.0-6.0
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Adventures of Dino Riki1.0-7.4
Adventures of Gilligan's Island, The1.0-7.4
Adventures of Lolo  Read the manual1.0-9.0
Adventures of Lolo (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Adventures of Lolo 2  Read the manual1.0-9.0
Adventures of Lolo 2 (Virtual Console)1.0-none
Adventures of Lolo 3  Read the manual1.0-9.0
Adventures of Musashi, The  T-1.0tr6.8
Adventures of Rad Gravity, The1.0-5.5
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The1.0-5.5
Adventures of Tom Sawyer  Read the manual1.0-2.8
Adventures of Valecule, The  T-1.0tr4.6
Air Fortress  Read the manual1.0-6.9
Airwolf  T-1.0tr6.9
Airwolf (Acclaim)  Read the manual1.0-5.2
Akumajyou Densetsu  T-1.0tr8.9
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing1.0-8.9
Alex DeMeo's Race America1.0-7.9
Alfred Chicken1.0-6.4
Alien 31.0-5.8
All-Pro Basketball  Read the manual1.0-7.3
Alpha Mission  Read the manual1.0-6.0
Altered Beast  T-1.0tr9.6
Amagon  Read the manual1.0-5.5
American Dream  T-1.0tr9.0
American Gladiators1.0-7.4
Antarctic Adventure  T-1.0tr9.3
Anticipation  Read the manual1.0-7.1
Arch Rivals: A Basketbrawl!  Read the manual1.0-8.9
Archon  Read the manual1.0-6.1
Arkanoid  Read the manual1.0-9.0
Arkista's Ring  Read the manual1.0-7.4
Armadillo  T-1.0tr9.3
Armed Dragon Fantasy: Villgust  T-1.0tr8.4
Astro Fang: Super Machine  T-1.0tr6.3
Astyanax  Read the manual1.0-7.6
Athletic World1.0-5.1
Attack Animal Academy  T-1.0tr6.0
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes1.0-4.2

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