Abadox: The Deadly Inner War

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Reviewer: nec5 Date: Jun 16, 2002
Abadox is a straight forward space shooting game. You move, you dodge, you shoot, and you collect power-ups. That's about it.

Graphics: 8
The graphics emphasize disgusting aliens and gruesome beasts. At the time of its release, Abadox had pretty impressive graphics. Now, it doesn't shine as bright. Still, the graphics certainly don't hurt the game. In fact, some of the main bosses are pretty nasty.

Sound: 10
This is the best aspect of the game. The sounds for lasers and missiles are appropriate. The explosions sound great.

The music is what kept me playing. Many of the tunes are extremely well done. I wish I could have recorded them when I first bought the game. Even the hardest stages aren't too annoying because the music keeps you moving. Excellent work.

Gameplay: 6
Well, what is there to say. Its a shooter. It scrolls horizontally for some stages and vertically for others. If you like shooters with some nifty power-ups, this game delivers. If you're looking for serious variety, get The Adventures of Bayou Billy.

Personally, I would rate the gameplay an 8. However, most will probably find the game somewhat repetitive. The music keeps you happy though.

Overall: 8
Abadox promises a battle against evil aliens. It delivers. You kill everything and then you fight a big bad boss.
On a side note, try and find the invulnerability code. It made this game much more enjoyable. Just listen to the great tunes and blast away. Even the ending music sounds great.

I would have liked a bit more variety, but it is a shooter. I don't know who did the music, but it surpasses most of the games I've played (including N64 and Gamecube). Too bad a juiced up sequel was never made. Oh well.