Baseball Simulator 1.000

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Reviewer: D. Date: Feb 14, 2002
Baseball Simulator 1.000 is one of the best, if not the best, non-MLB baseball games out. Given it's name, you'd think it was a pure sim, or at least as much of a sim as the NES has. While it doesn't disappoint in that department, the addition of ""Ultra"" teams is the real drawing point. Ultra teams have players with special abilities, such as outfielders that can jump 50 feet in the air to steal a potential ""upper-decker"" out of the air, or batters that can hit pop-ups that explode, temporarily knocking out the fielder. My favorite is the Rocket Ball, which, when hit, sends a line drive directly to the wall. What's so special about that? If a fielder attempts to catch it, he too is sent hard into the wall. This is especially cool after the pitcher threw an ""iron ball"".

Graphics: 5
The graphics are decent, nothing special, but comparable to others like Baseball Stars and R.B.I. However, the ultra plays come in again, and when you see a batter preparing to hit a spinner (a ball with a spinning shadow) swing and miss, he will spin around several times. Not that big a deal, but it's kinda funny.

Sound: 5
Like graphics, sound too is about average. Not bad, but nothing to get all excited about. It does help to listen for when a player is going for an ultra play, you'll hear a 'power up' sound. Usually, this will be accompanied by a graphic, but not always in the outfield. The music is OK, I guess.

Gameplay: 8
This is the game's strong point. You can edit any player in the three leagues, including the ultra league. You can play a season, with full stats. You can select how many games in the season, and choose one of the three leagues, or put together one of your own by mixing and matching teams. The many ultra plays are what seperates this game from the other baseball games on NES, but you don't have to use them, you can use the regular teams if you want. Personally, I always like to put a sorry regular team in my ultra league, basically so everyone else is almost guaranteed wins.

Overall: 8
As I mentioned above, Baseball Simulator 1.000 is the best baseball game on NES, and one of the best non-MLB games out period.

Even if you're not a baseball fan, you should at least try this game, use the ultra plays, strikeout the computer with lighting fastballs (110+ Mph!) or some ungodly curves (like lotta-ball), nail some outfielders with rocket shots, exploding pop-ups, or several other offensive moves, and, in the event the computer hits one of your pitches towards the seats, use the rocket jumps to rob him of it... if only you could see the look on the batter's face!