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Reviewer: chris g Date: Nov 6, 2001
This is a great game. Loads of fun with lots of different competitions to compete in. There are 6 different events: Half-pipe, Foot bag, skating, BMX, flying disk and surfing. The events are kind of hard at first, but you get the hang of it quite quickly.

Graphics: 8
Surprisingly, the graphics are quite good. The backround effects are nice as well.

Sound: 2
Horrible sound. The music (which is so repetitive it's not even funny) just keeps starting over every time you fall down or screw up. The music is so bad it's like listening to Hootie and The Blowfish over and over again with no stop.

Gameplay: 9
Lots of fun. Controls are a little difficult to learn (especially the half-pipe). But other than that, the gameplay is quite well.

Overall: 9
Overall, a great game. I remember this game for the sega master system but this one a WAY better. All the competitions are fun to compete in and you can master them pretty quickly.

Get this game if you like a variety of different sports.