Captain America and the Avengers

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Reviewer: NESGRM Date: Aug 11, 2004
Graphics: 8
The graphics are surprisingly smooth. Nice textures and environments.
The "red alert" levels in between stages are really trippy, the background is a moving eye illusion.
Nuff' said.

Sound: 6
Average sounds that do get boring pretty fast, but there are a few cool things. The music is the same loop through out most of the levels.

Gameplay: 7
One good thing about this game is, you have a variety of attacks. For instance, not only can you block bullets with your sheild but you can ride it over water, throw it at enemies, protect yourself from spikes by landing on them with your sheild as well as a bunch of different attacks. One bad note about the game is the fact that most levels are the same. With few differences like colours and bad guys, witch takes most of the replay value out of the game, because you pretty much replay it as you play it. But the option to switch between Captin America and Hawk Eye makes up for most lost points and replay value, and makes the game a little more interesting.

Overall: 7
Overall a good game worth trying. This game really shows the eveloution of marvel games, and reflects a preview of what most other superhero games for the sega and SNES would later become.