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Reviewer: Dungeon Walker Date: Nov 8, 2005
Greetings warriors and gamers from afar. If you are looking for a game with adventure this is definetly not the game for you. Castelian however is a platform puzzle game.

Graphics: 3
The graphics are not the best but I've seen worse. Color is what makes this game's graphics so acceptive. One awsome feature that I've never seen in a NES game before is the environment's ability to spin in a circle even though this is a sidescroller.

Sound: 7
Sound quality is a major factor in the game industry today. This game's sound has an amazing theme song that is still stuck in my head.

Gameplay: 5
Even though the game play is not exciting, it might be worth your while to try it. The game takes place on the outside of a tall tower. Gamers will lose their human body and take the form of a green pig who vanquishes evil with his white balls. Gamers will have to use their ability to jump over platforms to make it to the top of the tower.

Overall: 5
For serious gamers I do not recommend this game. However if you like to experiment with games I recommend this one. Even though the graphics are not very creative, the sound quality, and the ability for the tower to spin is incredible.