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Reviewer: Larcen Tyler Date: Jun 19, 2001
I can't believe I actually thought this would be a good game! I mean, the concept of guiding a guy through a maze of a castle getting items and defeating monsters sounded alright. Then I tried the game and discovered this is one quest you don't want to undertake!

The graphics could have been a heck of a lot sharper than this! I mean, a super deformed guy wearing a pink 3 Musketeers suit walking around swinging a sword in a maze? Come on! When he gets hit, he just frowns, sits down, and waves his arms up and down. Even the walls could have looked better!

Sound? Don't get me started! The title screen music is mediocre at best, but start playing that game and you'll be glad there's a mute button! Not only does it sound like something out of a kiddie-type game, but even at that it sounds like the composers were tone deaf!

OK, now on to the controls, or should I say what few there were. You can move
around, jump, and swing what's supposed to be a sword! When you do swing your sword, you can't move while swinging, and even then the animation is so stiff and slow that odds are when you do swing your sword, odds are you'll end up merely making yourself bait for an oncoming monster! Ugh!

If you want a story, here's what they slapped together in an attempt to sell this game. You're Prince Rafael who must rescue Princess Margerite from the evil Mad Mizer. Yawn.

Is there anything good about this game, you ask? There is, but I hate to say it. You don't have to play it. Unfortunately, I did. Now that you know about this game, take my advice and don't take up this quest! No wonder the princess needed rescuing!