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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Dec 1, 2002
No one could forget this classic back in 1987. Castlevania was another one of Konami's successful series that spread onto multiple platforms including the SNES, PS1, N64, GBA, Genesis, and others.

Graphics: 8
Of course, the graphics lack detail, but no one's complaining. The graphics did OK in its time. There was nice detail in the way Simon would flash when receiving a powerup whip or temporary invisibility.

Sound: 10
Konami has some of the best sounds ever! When Simon gets hit, instead of hearing some bruising effect, his grunt is heard. Other similar Konami sounds are present.

The music is incredible! ""Vampire Killer"", ""Heart Of Fire"", and ""Out Of Time"" stick fast to the player. And the ending theme is something that John Williams couldn't do better than.

There seems to be one glitch in the game that a first-time-person would most likely notice. When the demo runs, there is no music. Then, when the game is played, there is no music for as long as when Vampire Killer is supposed to be playing.

Gameplay: 9
If you've played Ninja Gaiden before, the aspects of this game should click right into your head. The inventory for Castlevania is similar, no, identical to Ninja Gaiden. There is a Score Display, a Timer, a Stage Display, a Power Indicator, an Enemy Power Indicator, a Weapons Indicator, a ""Spiritual Strength"" Indicator, and a # of lives.

The boss battles are what's similar, it requires skill and precision to take on each monster/skeleton/Frankenstein.

Overall: 9
Castlevania has a high replay value (it would be higher if there was a password function). The game gets frustrating sometimes, especially at the end. But it's not too hard if the player puts in all effort. It's worth it too; Castlevania has a decent ending, plus a grueling challenge afterwards.

So if you own an NES, or are going to own one, then BUY, RENT, BORROW, or TRADE to get this game. Castlevania is to die for!

Here is a list of the bosses in order & what item works well against them:
1st Boss- AXE
2nd Boss- FIRE BOMB
4th Boss- DAGGER/AXE


Reviewer: Christopher Date: Aug 29, 2001
What a superb title. It's difficult to talk about graphics in this age, but at the time of release, the graphics were quite excellent. This game kept me up for hours on end, and the bosses after level three are extrememly formidable--especially the grim reaper and the count. What I like about these bosses is that they require strategy and timing instead of the usual ""just shoot until it dies"" sort of thing. The game is addictive, frustrating, fun, and the music is wonderfully atmospheric. The only complaint is that it was too hard, simply because it lacked a password function. If the game had a password, then I would move the 9's up to tens on gameplay and overall. If you're looking for a game from a time when gaming was great, try this one. And you'll feel proud when you whack the Count's head off with your whip because you'll have really accomplished something.