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Reviewer: Hazieview Date: Oct 1, 2004
This game is exactly what the title says, caveman games. You play sort of prehistoric games that are in an olympic fashion. Such as...

Saber Race (were you have to race your oppenent while a sabre tooth tigre is chasing you and try not to get eaten)

Mate Toss (which is like the hammer throw only you throw your wife and not the hammer)

Clubbing (which is a gladiator type game where you duke it out with your opponent using clubs)

Fire start (in which you use two sticks and you have to see who can start their fire the fastest)

Dino Race (which is a race where you ride a dinosaur against your opponent)

And my favorite, Dino Vault (which is a pole vault game in which you have to pole vault over a dinosaur and see how far you can land behind him)

Graphics: 8
I thought the graphics were actually pretty good for the game. Just the whole concept of making fire and throwing your mate was a very unique idea to me that deserves credit for originality. So I think the graphics were pretty good.

Sound: 8
Well the sound is pretty good it matches the game you know nothing special but it will keep you entertained.

Gameplay: 8
Kinda have to get the hang of each even but after you do it's not so hard the buttons are easy cuz you only have to use TWO of them and the dpad so I mean come on it's not that hard to figure out.

Overall: 8
Overall this is a fun original game that will give you a few laughs. This is not a quest game or anything like that this is simply Prehistoric Olympic Games played in the stone-age. So it's for a sports lover that might enjoy those olympic games with a prehistoric twist.

If you like the olympic sports and well cavemen this is a game you have to try it is good to keep you busy and good for a few laughs. If you don't like the olympics or cavemen then DON'T play this game. Well give it a whirl I was pretty glad I did...