Chessmaster, The

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Reviewer: Jaysin Antonio Date: Feb 16, 2006
Nothing too catchy, its chess...lets get on with the game

Graphics: 5
About average (no average button to select) but you need minimal graphics to enjoy a game of chess for those enthusiasts like myself

Sound: 6
It really don't matter. The sound is quite decent; adds minmal entertainment for a chess game; but its not going to make you run in circles with exitement.

Gameplay: 4
I would have to say its not one of the best chess engines (it can be easily beaten at its highest levels); but considering the game was made when today's dominating engines like Fritz, were still in develpmental stages, i would have to say its okay. But at least have the highest level play on the same level of at least a canidate master; or the game might as well change its title to: Casino-Chess (maybe the computer will see your elaborate threats maybe it won't). The game is great for kids though; although I would not reccomend it for serious cometitors like myself.

Overall: 5
Chess is a passion of mine and I would like to rate this game favorably but just telling it like it isn't so great and I would highly reccomend more advanced software ( that is good for improving and fun at the same time.....even good stuff for kids there.

My English/Reti' pwns you all.
My Nimzo / Sicilian is bulletproof.

and i suck with openings so go figure!!! LOL


Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Jun 15, 2005
Chess needs no introduction. That age-old game of logic that requires intense, continuous concentration. Which I can't provide, I'm afraid. I'm lousy at chess, and always have been (I haven't won a single chess game in all my life). I just don't have the patience. But I thought I'd review this game anyway, the only NES game that my dad owns (and I think he's forgotten).

Personally, I've never liked the idea of porting something to a video game that you can do in real life. It just feels so pointless to me. But I'll give reviewing this, the only chess game for the NES to my knowledge, a shot.

Graphics: 6
Well, this game isn't about graphics. The only layout is a green and white chessboard. The chessmen look more like paper dolls than believably solid chessmen. Nothing special, but does the job. At least you can recognise every piece, unlike some real-life chess sets I've seen.

Sound: 6
The game's theme tune is really catchy. There is a seperate, short piece for when black and white make their moves, and for each time a piece is taken out, as well as for each 'check'. When you lose, a classic dramatic tune is played. The music, fittingly, only sounds in these parts and feels kind of combative. Again, does the job.

Gameplay: 8
Well, it's chess, and nothing stands in the way of the game getting across, so that's why it gets such a high score. You can play against the computer, or against a friend. Somehow, though, I feel chess is a game that should be played between two people.

Overall: 7
A game for those who like chess and have a NES but no chessboard, unlikely as that may sound. Then again, that describes me, aside from the fact that I don't like chess. I just can't concentrate on something for so long at a time. A decent game, nonetheless.

I don't like the idea of combat, either. That might be why I never strove to get better at chess.