Color a Dinosaur

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Reviewer: Dan Date: Oct 15, 2001
Everybody loves a coloring book right? So then it makes perfect sense to port it over to the Nes right? Wrong, horribly wrong, and yet... strangely so right. Oh boy, thos one is going to take some explaining.

It's a dinosaur, and you color it. Not much needs to happen here, but the dinosaurs are well drawn, and can be even better looking with a little artistic savy. You can pick from a decent selection of colors and there are even a few cool patterns to spice thigs up.

Sound? What sound? I don't see any sound...

This is a tough one. You actually DO color the dinosaur like you're using the old MS Paint fill tool. So does it get a perfect score for capturing the essence of a coloring book and all the excitement within? Or does it get nothing, for essentially not doing anything? I have, wisely I believe, not even tried, play it and let the game speak for its self. Please disregard the rating, I had to pick one, and 1 is my lucky number.

So weird, so dumb, you need to play it. No excuses, suck it up and color a dinosaur like a real man. In all seriousness, this title is so quircky that you have to love it. I don't even want to know what it took to get a company to back this game, but thank you crazy game develpoers, for filling that coloring-shaped hole in the Nes library. Happy coloring.