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Reviewer: Xscoot Date: Apr 17, 2006
Most people would say that this this game just sucks. I can't believe this. Thia game was made during the time of NES and was probably the basis for all other war games. This is a classic.

Graphics: 6
I know it's an old game but it could have been better. Can't even read my own hi score. Sometimes you can see random sprites here and there. However sometimes enemies that are about to kill you disappear, sparing your life. That gave it an extra point.

Sound: 8
Remember there were limitations on games during the time it was made. So that's why one loop of music is pretty good. It's also quite catchy. I'd love to see it in a modern war game.

Gameplay: 10
Moving around. Defeating hoards of enemies with ease. Ladders that take you down to secret levels. Saving captured men on your side. It's all perfect whether then or now.

Overall: 8
This is a game so great, that all they have to do is fix some of graphics, add more music and port to gameboy for it to be a "new" game.

Try this. It's beautiful. What will you miss? A chance to play possibly the best war game ever conceived. And if you find that you don't like it, then try something new. That's why I played Mario is Missing (Don't).


Reviewer: Chris Bowen Date: Jul 11, 2001
Another classic arcade game converted to the NES. Unfortunately, the only good memories I have of this one stem from when I was, like, 10. This one moves slow as a dog, with control of Commando Joe being just as sluggish. Fortunately, this gives you lots of shit to shoot at. You want game music? Then play FF6; here, you get one, relatively annoying tune to kill to. Pretty good gun sound effects save the sound rating. Graphics pretty much do their job; the blue stich figures are ""good guys"", and the gray ones are ""bad guys"". They look cool when they die, though. Spectacurally average.