Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge

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Reviewer: Burning Man Date: Mar 26, 2002
The olympic games, combined with your classic mono-e-mono fighting game. Sound kinda stupid? Well honestly the idea of it is kinda stupid. Yet, soemehow, you just can't quit playing it. This is the most creative, and fun sports game for nes. The only one I might ever recomend above Baseball Simulator 1.000. So why call it stupid and then praise it above any other? Read on to get a handle.l

Graphics: 9
Very good for the nintendo. The characters in case you didn't notice are the same as the ones in River City Ransom (Crash is the main charecter from RCR with a different name), Dodge Ball, and almost every game from that great recycling plant called Namco. But, is that so bad when they are so far ahead of their time. Though the loop on the backgrounds are small (i.e. it doesn't take long going through a level before you see the same wall with the same graffiti, bricks,etc), I believe its because they are so well drawn they take up to much space to make each one unique. All in all this games only downfall graphics-wise is the intro scene, but it's the only movie scene in the game so you'll get over it.

Sound: 8
Only downfall of the game. Once again recycled from other Namco games, but unlike the graphics not really worth copying. Still though good for a nintendo game, and the soundtracks in certain events are rather catchy.

Gameplay: 10
Not exactly a pick up and play game, but not frustratingly hard either. If your a button mashing master like me you should fair well. But, unlike other olympic themed games, not every event of this game is button mashing; like swimming fights and rooftop jumping. All the games reguire time to master therefore you're team isn't going to grab the gold medal your first try, this fact makes youi want to spend alot more time on the game. Events include A hurdles event where contestants attempt to pummle, trip, kick and whatever it takes (including throwing the hurdles themselves)in order to win. Theres an event that combines hammerthrow with golf. A game where you pole vault and unicycle from one roof to another. A UFC style death match. A swimming event where the object is to drown your opponent, and a couple more I can't remember.

Overall: 10
Best replay value on the NES. Awesome game, GET IT NOW! Just one note, Jefferson is the best team to use even though they have the least significance to the story. Spreck and Clint are an unbeatable team.

If you love this game try River City Ransom.


Reviewer: chris g Date: Nov 5, 2001
Execellent game. Bound to be a classic. The coolest part of this game is that you shop for stuff you might need for the event. Pretty much everything about this game is good. The storyline is also good, you compete against other schools and collect gold, silver and bronze medals that you can use to purchase better equipment.

Graphics: 9
Graphics are awesome (for nintendo of course). The backround imaging is really cool. It moves slower than other objects actually giving it some life like detail.

Sound: 8
Sound effects are a little out of touch, and the same with the music. Not bad though.

Gameplay: 9
A little hard to learn at first because you have to learn the controls for every challenge and I think that there are 5 challenges all-together which is kind of bad. Once you get the gameplay down though, it gets really fun.

Overall: 10
Overall, a great game. Probably the best sports type game i've ever played. It is a lot of fun (especially all the cool items you can buy like a man eating fish). It does get a little repetitive, but it really isin't quite that bad.

Have fun with it.


Reviewer: Brian Date: Jun 16, 2001
This game rulz! It has a good quality gameplay, and storyline. I also like the shopping before every event. It has a good set of teams that are balanced well. If only there were a couple more events though. This game is hilarious with the expressions on the kid's faces, with the big eyes. This is my favorite game for the NES, by far. You should try it!