Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The

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Reviewer: Vega Date: Apr 26, 2002
I wouldn't be writing this review if I hadn't seen such a high rating, first of all. Sorry, I don't want to be intolerant, but I can't understand that a game so bad can be so overrated! Anyway, I shouldn't find strange a thing like this because the game is as horrible as the TV series, which I really hate but have to watch it every day since one of my nephews loves it.

Graphics: 1
Oops! The graphics reminds me the first draws I created with the ""Paint"". Never in my life I could imagine that I would see a show as pathetic as this. Well, maybe I shouldn't be so radical... there are a few scenarios somewhat colourful but, what else could I say, if they aren't more plain because the developers of the game wanted to hurt our brain at maximum!!! I can't stand those protagonists, though they are original, I can't deny the facts, but their appearance is excessively silly and ridiculous. Poor children!

Sound: 1
I remember when I played the flute at school... my marks weren't much good, but I think I was good in that. This game has make me remind those days, the music is so horrific that it sounds as the tunes that we played with that instrument. I can't believe that there was a composer who composed those agonizing melodies...

Gameplay: 1
Not even this feature is excluded of this disaster. As a good new, it's possible to play with both characters (Rocky and Bullwinkle), though their differences are scarce and their control is too annoying. We have to overcome very strange stages, where even more strange enemies just pursue us in order to decrease our energy (typical in almost all the games) and our weapons are useless bombs that never explode in the correct place... but the worst is that tiny man that is all the time throwing bombs in the first stage, you'll already see.

Overall: 1
If I haven't rate with a zero each feature is simply because it is not possible. Bearing in mind that there are tons of unlicensed games, why was it licensed? Just since the game is based on a cartoons? The game is original in some aspects, but it is terribly bad done. I had to say my opinion.

Oh Nintendo, what did we do to deserve this...