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Dudes with Attitude

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Reviewer: RQB Date: Feb 12, 2006
Dudes with Attitude is the kind of game youd pass over in a store. You would see it and say "oh. that looks lame." But really, you're missing out on an emotional and sociological tail of loos and gain, all stored in a small black NES cartridge!

Graphics: 10
The graphics can't be looked at in a way that says "looks realistic" or "nice shading", but you have to look past that and see how well the graphic style melts together with the message thats being conveyed here. The graphics get a 10 for matching the mood (or Attitude!) perfectly!

Sound: 10
Again, the sound reflects the atmosphere and meaning of the game, and the music adds a compelling touch to the intense bouncing action.

Gameplay: 10
Here's where the game gets you- the gameplay has not yet been surpassed by a game of this generation. Even in 2006, a better game has not been crafted on any system that compared to 'Dudes. The gameplay consists of travelling across a land in search of the proper attitude to collect riches and become a master pirate. The game is a subtle commentary on life- you don't get what you want unless you have the right attitude.

Overall: 10
This kickin' and rockin' out-of-tune blast has yet to be surpassed by any game ever. Dudes with Attitude is definetly worth the price. If you happen to get your hands on a rare copy of the NES title, hold on to it or don't let it go for less than $40! The game brings meaning back to gaming, and that's what we need in this troublesome time!

'Dudes is by far worth purchasing, even though it was an indie development. I hope this guide has shown you how great this amazing NES game really is!