EarthBound Beginnings (Virtual Console)

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Reviewer: Ovi Date: Sep 11, 2005
If you've played Earthbound 2 before, then the beginning of this game is going to seem very familiar to you. Aside from Poo, all of the other characters from the second game are in this one (I think) and there is a muscle-headed guy in your party as well. The game begins with the meteor crashing just like it did in the second game, and while I never played that far into it, I'm sure it has a different story anyway.

Graphics: 6
Not bad at all, and it has a "kawaii" feel to it as well. You can certainly see how it evolved into its SNES counterpart, but at the same time it has NES style.

Sound: 9
Very sprite, fun tunes here. They aren't the best songs ever, but they're pretty good and evoke moods.

Gameplay: 7
It isn't the best RPG on earth, but it is very fun and different. The game has lots of humor and RPG elements that make it unique to the Earth Bound series, and it even has the trademark "seizure" battle background.

Overall: 8
A nice piece of NES goodness. Using a similar system to Dragon Warrior but with sci-fi humor, there is no other game like it. For RPG fans only, noone else would probably get it.

Why was it never released in America? The second one was...