Elevator Action

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Reviewer: OldTimer Date: Nov 28, 2004
Elevator Action! This was an arcade game before it was a NES game. All the comments I\'ve read shows that most don\'t understand this.

Graphics: 4
Graphics are typical for games made prior to game stations. Poor at best. What do you expect from pre-commie 64 days?

Sound: 1
God awful. What do you expect? Old 8 bit technology is great, isn\'t it?

Gameplay: 5
The game is about going down elevators and avoiding people trying to kill you. Very simple. If you wish to waste time or remember games from when you were a child (I\'m 32) then this is for you. If you expect anything from a game, then this isn\'t for you.

Overall: 10
10.. Perfect. I remember playing this game when I was a CHILD and I loved it then. This is exactly how I remember it.


Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 4, 2003
Hey Guys! Tommy Arcade here. I came across one day upon this game. Now, my motto is that there is no such thing as a bad game. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! This is the only game I find bad! Nintendo certainally never used their full potential on this game. I dont know why, but thats between them and the creator. Now lets grade this puppy, shall we?

Graphics: 1
Poor Graphics! Nuff said! Once Again, Nintendo never used their full potential on this game. Should have spent more time on it. BOTTOM LINE!

Sound: 1
Crappy! Lots of sounds that a stupid android would make in mating season. Again, Nintendo should have spent more tme on the project. Sending a prototype out into the video game world.

Gameplay: 2
THERES NO POINT!!! Seems like the only thing to do is go down elevators and escalators to get to ur car at the bottom of the building. Not impressed at all.

Overall: 1
I hate to admit it boys and girls........ but this is a bad game (breathes heavily) that was tough to say. I never think a game is bad until now. Im sorry guys. Nothing much to say about this game. Its a good time killer in between breathing. Try this game if u wish. You might have a different opinion about this game, but im just a Videomaster. Until next time, GAME IT UP!!!



Reviewer: Jake Date: Jul 10, 2002
Back in the day, I picked this little tidbit up at a used videogame shop for 2 bucks. It was worth every penny, but not a penny more.

Graphics: 1
These graphics are god-awful. I found myself laughing at the poor quality. Very remeniscant of the Atari 2600 graphics.

Sound: 1
No good. The music could have been good, but the same 20 second ditty plays over and over again through the whole game. The programmers didn't even take advantage of all of the sound channels. The tune is monophonous. The sound effects are bland and recycled. Again, you are allowed to laugh.

Gameplay: 6
Not classic by any means, but gameplay is strangely addictive. The idea is to start at the top of the building, and work your way down to the bottom by use of elevators and stairs, while shooting bad guys and collecting secret documents. Somehow, I just wanted to keep trying to get to the next level.

Overall: 4
Although it's interesting, you don't really have any incentive to keep playing once you get a game over. There are only two differences between any two different levels: the building color is different, and the enemies are ""smarter."" Still, it's an interesting game to play.

This game could (and probably did) inspire some great action games. This game could have been great itself had there been better graphics, sound, and level variety. It's worth a look, but I won't hold it against you if you get rid of it after trying it.



Reviewer: alex Date: Sep 4, 2001
Ok, wow. This has got to be the WORST game ever made for the nes. If you are looking for an atari game, you've found it. You ride up and down elevators while trying to avoid guys with guns. Not even worth the download time. If you think this game is good, try Infiltrate for Atari... you'll love it. Whoever made this game had no idea what the nes was capable of. I like to think of this game as an insult to nintendo.