Eliminator Boat Duel

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Reviewer: dyingvine Date: Nov 2, 2005
I'm here to tell you that the previous 8 raters have no idea what they're talking about. Eliminator boat dual is one of the most fun 2 player games (second to Dr. Mario) for the NES. Not only that, it is fun on 1 player as well. The whole design of the game sets it up for loads of fun. In this game you're a boat racer (duh) that races against one other boat racer and you have a death match battle for the victory. During races you can collect money and get a prize cash award after every race. You use this money at the dry docks to customize and tune your boat to make faster and more seaworthy.

Graphics: 8
Nothing wrong here, nothing extraordinary. All the characters and objects are fairly detailed and nothing blends wrong everything is easily distinguished. So you don't have to spend time studying things in a middle of a race.

Sound: 8
All the sound effects are great. The boat engines are nice and the music is nice. No worries about muting your TV.

Gameplay: 10
This is the best part. The racing is very fun and involving, you never have to worry about accidently falling asleep while playing. The races are split into sections the first being the start/drag. Some races only have 1 section making them simply a drag race. The whole idea of your boats having hull strength is cool. By driving over logs and into stuff (or having your opponent jump on you :p) your boat gets torn up and needs to be repaired after the race at the dry docks. you can upgrade your hull strength on your boat at the dry docks as well as your steering, acceleration, and speed. All the opponents have their own personality and their own lines. Two player is also excellent, instead of a deathmatch with the CPU you can race your friend as well and the first person to get ahead by two wins is the winner.

Overall: 9
So overall I give this game a 9, excellent. You can't go wrong playing it, its just too much fun. Not only is it a ton of fun to play by yourself, its fun to play with a friend as well (something not all games on NES can claim).

If given a chance to get this game its worth every bit of ten dollars you may pay for it. My main problem with this game is that it's simply too easy.