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Reviewer: Liitle Bad Adventure Date: May 11, 2003
Hello,this is me.But hey,enough about me,let's talk about the game.Excitebike is the best NES bike game and i have finished it about 1000000000000000 times and in both modes.I think it is the absolute top of all bike racers in the world,actually.Let's start the rewiew.

Graphics: 9
I think they are pretty okay and i actually like them,but the tracks look a little bland in the looks department,but the racers and the bikes look super,even if sometimes the ending hopping thing is kind of annoying.Anyways,i appreciate the graphics and that's why the score is so high.Let's continue.

Sound: 5
Now this is the part i don't like,because the beeping sound that is always in the background is so annoying.The sound that is when you start the race and the one in the end are cool,specially the one at the start.Anyways it's quite average and that's why the score is quite low.Let's continue.

Gameplay: 10
But this is the best part of them all.I absolutely love it.The races are fun because they really change,but the third track should be a liitle easier,because when i started playing it i could never finish it.It is also cool because you race the tracks twice and everytime it's totally different.And the two different modes are also cool,but in the mode B the other racers always hog the track.It's still really cool and that's why there is such a high score.Let's continue.

Overall: 10
I'd give it a 11 if i could,that's the power of Excitebike.The reasons of the score i already explained,but i'm gonna give a little conclusion Graphics:Great,Sound:Average,Gameplay:Great,Overall:The Best.Let's continue.

Everithing is already said so goodbye.Over and out.