Adventure Island 3

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Reviewer: Kirby Date: Jun 14, 2002
Adventure Island 3 is a game for people with a lot of patience and gaming skill. The thing I like about this game, is that it starts out easy, and slowly becomes more difficult as you proceed through the game. The best feature is the menu that appears before each level that lets you choose your items and dinosaurs before starting the level, which can be a great advantage. I have spent many hours determining the end-of-world boss' patterns of movement and attack.
Anyone who plays this game enough will be able to find all the secrets and beat the game, as I have. People who are willing to spend enough time on this game won't regret it's rewards.

Graphics: 9
The characters are nicely detailed, and have many frames of animation.
Most of the levels are just trees, caves, and water, with differently colored backgrounds. This game has more colors than others, making it pleasing on the eyes and seemingly new, even though the levels are shaped the same as Adventure Island 2's.

Sound: 8
The music still has the same island-type music in this game. It has the same exact music from the 2nd Adventure Island game, and players who played that one will find themselves humming the music in the background. I liked the sound effects in the game, particularlly the noises the dinosaurs make when the use their attacks. The giant boulders which occasionally appear have a realistic rumbling noise, which was a nice touch.

Gameplay: 9
The game is easy to figure out, unlike fighting games, where you have to remember which button combination does a triple-back-flip, or whatever. The dinosaurs provide as an extra hit for the player, but I would have preffered the game had given you a health bar, instead of one-hit-dead. The bonus games are hard to beat, especially the surfing game, but you get nice items for beating the games.
The controls are responsive, and the player moves slower in the desert and slips on icy areas.

Overall: 9
This is a very big adventure game, and even if you beat it, you'll have to go back through it to find all the hidden secrets and items.
As I said before, this game is for people with a lot of patience and desire to succeed against the odds. The nice levels and sound make for a very well put together game, even if the difficulty can be too much for un-experienced gamers.

This game might seem like a clone of Adventure Island 2, but the new items and secrets keep this game a fresh challenge for anyone.