Final Fantasy III

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Reviewer: Yoshio the Hedgehog Date: Jun 1, 2008
Wow, this game blows my mind. The depth of this game is surpassing what I thought an NES game could even DO. It's so huge and massively epic that I'm surprised they didn't try a multi-cart kinda deal with this thing. This could easily have been a SNES game, and is a perfect example of the Final Fantasy series' ability to completely engross a person in pure wonder.

Graphics: 9
The battle sprites were all great in my opinion, the only reason I'm giving it an 9 is the map sprites. They're all a tiny bit lacking in my opinion, but then again, they're all about 15x15 pixel tiles, so I'll give it a break. Besides, as I said before, it's an NES game, and NES carts have limited memory, most of it being taken up by the massive game itself.

Sound: 9
I loved all of the random little sound effects it gives you, from the simple slash of a sword to the massive Mega Flare, this is pure greatness. The soundtrack is also a wonder; I have a lot of the songs in mp3 form because they're that good. The only thing I didn't really like was the "saved town" music. It struck me as a little over the top and loud, especially about 1/4 into the game where you go to a lot of towns very quickly and the song gets repetitive. But that's just me.

Gameplay: 10
This is where this game truly shines. The game introduced many staple features of the franchise, including auto-targeting new enemies if one dies, summoning spells, moogles, and much more. The story is also very engrossing for a NES game, and the areas you travel to are all amazing. There are also a few side quests, as if they didn't have enough adventure in this already massive game. Other than the very first area, which doesn't last too long, this game stays very interesting. The battle system works perfectly, better than the other 2 NES Final Fantasies. Also, the Job System is a curious yet fun addition to the game. Although it is better to try to stick with one class because a single person's skill with a class will increase if they're doing it for a long time, you can change classes at will, giving you a whole new range of tactics that could be implemented. I just wish they would have given you an upgrade to your White and Black Wizard a little earlier.

Overall: 10
After beating this game, I am left truly joyous. I seriously don't know what to say that I already haven't. Great graphics, pleasing sound, massive world and engrossing storyline. Everything I could want, bundled into this 8-bit package of pure joy.

Anybody who considers themselves a Final Fantasy fan (or just an RPG fan for that matter) should try this game. This goes up in the ranks of Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy 6, and Paper Mario with my RPG list, and up with Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Super C with my overall best. This game is a must-beat.


Reviewer: Giest118 Date: Jan 17, 2007
This game is ridiculously good. Well, compared to the first two Final Fantasies it is. While I can't admit to actually playing all the way through the NES version (because Garuda stopped me in my tracks, and I have beaten the DS re-release), I did play enough of it to know exactly how good a game this is.

Graphics: 10
It's an NES game... Soo, I give this a really high score. First, the battle system actually looks GOOD in this game (I missed the blue HUD in the previous installments). All of the animations are really good too. I might also mention the ridiculous number of character sprites that needed to be placed in the game (there's what, over twenty character classes? That's a lot of character sprites). Then there's the monster graphics, which almost look SNES-worthy. What else? The mountains on the overworld map aren't white, unlike in the previous installments of Final Fantasy. Oh, and... summon spells. In an NES game. And the introductory materializing for bosses... You just know that Square worked their arms off to make this as good as possible.

Sound: 8
The soundtrack is somewhat lacking in places. However, the battle and boss music makes up for it. It might be worth mentioning that this is the first Final Fantasy to get a song specific to boss battles (technically, FF2 did this as well, but that was only for one boss).

Gameplay: 7
This suffers due to certain balance issues (like Garuda). But here's a few things I really liked. First, auto-targeting. Y'know, so you don't attack something that's dead. Second, if you get an attack with like, 6 hits, your character will actually hit the enemy six times. Third, the bosses are short-lived, but challenging (... like Garuda). Fourth..... the JOB SYSTEM. This is like FF1 on steroids, with its Job System. While this system does kind of aid in making this game even less balanced (Pff, four dragoons to kill Garuda... screw that) it was certainly a unique idea. A unique idea that was really good. Now you can be all, "y'know, this guy shouldn't be a fighter. Let's make him a summoner." I love this game.

Overall: 9
This game has a lot of things going for it, and it's worth a try (even if you get stopped at Garuda [like me]).

You'll definitely enjoy this game. Well, if you like RPGs. But then, if you don't like RPGs, you wouldn't be reading this review anyway. Overall, this is a great game. Start playing it. Now.


Reviewer: megabart Date: Jul 9, 2005
So far, the best FF I've ever played, but the bad thing is that I can only get it as a ROM.

Graphics: 7
I'd say that the graphics COULD have been a bit better, but I shouldn't complain so much since I've seen MUCH worse.

Sound: 9
Well, I like the beat of the music and sounds even if they get repetitive. I like Especially the battle and boss musics.

Gameplay: 7
The thing I like the best is that now if your physical attack's target is gone, your guy will attack another, but doesn't apply to spells :/. Also, the Job system is well made, although they could have replaced the Red Mage by another guy (Like a Thief), placed later in the game and slightly improved. But you need to do everything manually: equipment (you need to remove first) and spells (goes back to spell choice after casting like Cure) but I think it's completely normal for the NES.

Overall: 8
Great game. It is verrryyyy good, however, they could have made it better. Instead of spells now you can also use abilities instead... like "Steal" and "Peep".

I've stuck to this one because FF5 was poorly translated (enemy techniques and YES/NO are still japanese... WTH??). Also here begins "Back Attacks". Watch your backs buds... heheh...


Reviewer: Aaenayan Date: May 6, 2002
A very good game for its time. One of the better Final fantasy games that I've played. A game that comes from a time when plot and gameplay overshadowed flamboyant graphics and sound. I like the class change system. The game plays very much like FF5. A must play for any FF addict.

Graphics: 7
Very nice graphics for the NES.

Sound: 7
Repetitive but enjoyable. Once again, this is a NES game; not a PS2 game.

Gameplay: 10
Lots of fun. Love the class change ability system. Adds lots of variations in strategy as to what classes to use when.

Overall: 8
A well put together game. A shame SquareSoft never released the game in the US. A must play for any hardcore RPG player.

A very good game for its time. One of the better Final fantasy games that I've played. A game that comes from a time when plot and gameplay overshadowed flamboyant graphics and sound. I like the class change system. The game plays very much like FF5. A must play for any FF addict.


Reviewer: Alkarl Date: Dec 11, 2001
Hey! Man, in all the games that I have played, this is by far, one of the best. Why, you ask? Because I said so! :p Seriously though, this game has all you could want in an RPG, at least in My opinion.

Graphics: 10
Great for the NES. The spell effects are REALLY, REALLY good for the NES. Gotta love the blue Aura the surrounds our good friend the BLack Mage when he casts the devastating Ice3 spell! The Sprites are quite well done, and the general appearance of the game is really good.

Sound: 10
The music in this game Albiet, it CAN get repetitive..but thats only after listening to the same thing for, like, an hour. From the cool field music to the theme for the bosses, the music remains steady throughout. Sound effects are pretty nicely done as well.

Gameplay: 10
I WOULD give this score an 11/10, but the scale only goes up to 10 ;-). The TREMENDOUS size of the world, and the great class changing system push this game over the top. The story may be the same old ""4 people wandering aorun exploring, and are suddenly out to save the world"" thing, but it is really nicely done in this installment of the series. The amount of stuff to do in Final Fantasy Three is just amazing.

Overall: 10
A great game for an old system, this truly a must have for RPG fans. The game may start out a little slow, but once you beat the first boss ( you beat him within the first 15 min of gameplay), it gets really exciting. This is also a nice challange for oldschool gamers like myself who have the ""Final Fantasy 7 to 9 were too easy and i need a good challange"" blues.

Well, YA gotta love the Final Fantasy series. You just can't call youreself a hardcore Fantasy fanatic until you have played this one.


Reviewer: Wrawrat Date: Jul 10, 2001
Graphics: For a NES game, the graphics are quite good, even if some parts are borrowed from FF1/2. Sure, they are sometimes quite repetitive, but it's a NES... The monsters and the spells are quite impressive for the NES.

Sound: Nothing very extraordinary with the music. It's quite repetitive, and I've heard some games that sounds better. However, the SFX are quite nice and impressive for a 8-bit system. Nice job here from Square.

Gameplay: The menu interface is quite good, although I hate to unequip all the items before changing classes (then again, the NES is quite limited with its 8-bit CPU and 64K RAM). The class changes are quite the main attraction of the game, and what is really special about this game.


Reviewer: Brad "Lone Wolf" Guerrie Date: Jul 6, 2001
Final Fantasy 3 is one of the few games that takes full advantage of the NES's memory. This is the first game in the series that features a gameplay system based around class changing and the uses of each class. It appeared in Final Fantasy 3 first, then in Final Fantasy 5, and again in Final Fantasy Tactics. It seems a bit limited at first, there aren't any secondary abilities and the classes aren't really balanced- there are a few that rock the world, a few that are in the middle, and a few that you might never use. As far as graphics, these are really some of the best to be had on the NES. It borrows slightly from Final Fantasy 1 and 2, however. The Black Wizard still looks the same, but I can't really argue with that, I always thought the Black Wizard has looked pretty spiffy. The spell effects are where it really pays. Unlike most RPG's for the NES, which usually have spell effects consisting of a few flashing colors, I will meniton no names... (DRAGON WARRIOR!), The spells in this game are right on par with some of the early SNES games. The story does suffer a bit, it concentrates a bit more on the class system than some people are used to and storyline is kind of ignored. However, it's not really a bad story, and it makes for an enjoyable play experience- I'd reccomend this game to anyone who likes a good RPG.