Fire 'n Ice

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Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Jun 15, 2001
Fire 'n Ice is a puzzle game in which you play the role of an apprentice wizard named Dana. Your quest is to save Coolmint island from the flame monsters that the evil wizard Druidle has unleashed upon the land. Dana is armed only with a magic wand which creates and destroys ice blocks. Ice blocks are used as steps to reach higher levels, and to put out the flame monsters which infest each stage. I was hooked to this game the minute I first started playing it. It's that good. If you're in the mood for an innovative, fun, brainteaser, this game is a must play.

Graphics: 10

These are some darn impressive graphics for the NES. Sometimes they are a tad simple looking, but that is no big deal. The game is colorful and is not hard on the eyes at all.

Sound: 5

Sound gets a 5 because the music gets VERY annoying after a few levels. Sound effects are well done though. Everything sounds like you'd expect it to.

Gameplay: 10

Very fun, and very addictive. If I remember right there was a warning on the original package that stated that this game was very addictive. It's no lie. Some of the later levels get VERY challenging, and you could easily find yourself replaying the same level 100s of times before you figure out the puzzle. This is not as annoying as you'd expect it to be though. Once you finally solve a room, you get a great feeling of satisfaction.

Overall: 9

This game is a must play for the puzzle fan who is sick of the endless tetris clones, or someone who is just looking for a fun, innovative game to kill some time with. Give this game a try. Another highly overlooked NES game which deserved more attention than it got.